Traction Device Comparisons

       The photo at left is a cheaply made traction device mounted on a prosthetic penis. (Note the small cuts along the side of the prosthesis)  This device must be adjusted while it is being worn.  The knurled adjusting nuts often pinches the skin on the side of the penis, causing pain and discomfort.  Overall quality is very low on this model.


       I purchased the above traction device for a little under $100.00 It seemed like a bargain at the time, and made me feel like a good shopper.  It is made out of brass, The inner screw is brass plated and you can see in the picture above that is becoming corroded.  The cheap traction device, was really a complete waste of money, and very uncomfortable to wear after 20 or 30 minutes.  Features to avoid when purchasing a traction device are:

       Make sure the strap that holds your penis in place is not an O ring or surgical tubing.  The wider the strap, the more comfortable it will be to wear for extended use.  Normally I could only wear this device for around a 1/2 hour before it became downright painful to continue.  One night I fell asleep with it on, and woke up hours later in agony.  The area under the penis head was bright red and bruised.  It took a few days to heal.

       The manufacturing tolerances are very poor on this model, and the surgical tube slips easily out of the holding mechanism.  Over time it became more sloppy.  This device is really just a cheap knock off, of the real deal.  It is the result of cutting corners, to save money. Unfortunately it just turned out to be a waste of money, and it did not have any kind or warranty or return policy.  It was packaged in a zip lock plastic bag without any user information or instructions.

Size Genetics Traction Device 

       This device is endorsed and approved for medical use, by many Urologists and Medical Doctors.  It is an approved treatment for Peyronie's Disease, and has been used, and continures to be used in clinical studies.  It was invented by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, who is a specialist in General and Plastic Surgery in Denmark.  It comes with a six month return warranty.

       I use and endorse the Size Genetics device  for comfort and product quality.  It comes with an instructional DVD and the package is shipped discretely.

The features that make this traction device, the best in my opinion are:
  • Foam collar and wide soft rubber strap with locking nibs, (similar to the design of the strap on a scuba mask). The foam collar cushions the penis and keeps skin from being pinched by the strap. Make sure and order additional foam collars, they don't last as long as the rest of the device.
  •  Spring loaded traction arms are adjustable to reduce or increase tension. This is a great also, because the device is pre-adjusted for length, then the arms are retracted to slide into the holding apparatus. The springs provide tension to stretch the penis.
  • The manufacturer uses high quality medical grade materials, and five years of research and user feedback are evident in the present model.
  •  The device comes with extra parts and is packaged in a discreet lockable leather covered box. It was shipped in an unmarked cardboard box and arrived via DHL courier the next day. I was impressed with their service.
They have loads of information on their website about Penis enlargement, Peyronie's Disease and Medical use.  

New Improved Traction Device (Read This)
The Size Genetics traction device has been designed for Penis straightening, it is the one I used.  It is a very well thought out design.  It is the only traction device I specifically endorse, since it worked well for me.


Dr. Jorn Ege Siana - Inventor

Medical Doctor, 1983 University of Copenhagen and Member of American Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery


The traction devices below are other brands with different options and designs. They are medically approved and high quality.


Male Edge Traction Device

       I didn't know about this device when I bought mine.  It would have been a hard choice to make when comparing features.  The Male Edge is very cool with its three colors and it uses a unique patent pending traction technology, which provides the strongest possible traction of any penis enlargement device on the market.  Check out the video on their website to see how the arm traction settings and adjustments work.

       Male Edge comes in 3 colors; pale blue, green/black and red/black – each corresponding to the relevant Basic, Extra, and Pro version.  Each package provides the same high quality Male Edge device along with a selection of accessories, a comprehensive manual, interactive training program, access to the Male Edge user forum as well as free email support and club membership.

       The Male Edge is priced from $149-$219, as well as a double money back guarantee meaning that if you do not achieve an increase in penis size by the end of your program, Male Edge will offer you twice your money back – needless to say they are 100% certain the Male Edge will work for you and allow you to achieve the results you desire!

       To find out more about Male Edge and how it can successfully help treat the effects of Peyronie’s Disease, check out the 
Male Edge website or alternatively, click here to buy your Male Edge today.

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  1. Hi John! Thank you so much for your helpful and thoughtful website! I was wondering if you had anything to say about the AndroPeyronie extender device. I found it by googling and ordered it before I stumbled across one of your videos. I was also wondering if you knew the differences between the regular traction devices and ones that are specialized for Peyronie's. Do the Peyronie's specialized ones bend your penis opposite of the direction of the curve in order to lengthen one side more than the other?