Omega-3 Fish Oil

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           I started my program taking Vitamin E gel caps, but my physician recommended switching to Omega-3 Fish Oil.  He stated there was a danger of over-thinning my blood with Large doses and possible toxicity build up with Vitamin E, since I was taking quite a few gel caps at first.  Omega-3 fish oil provides cardiovascular support and raises your good cholesterol levels. 

I tried out several brands before settling on Doctors Best Real Krill Oil.  Real Krill is a 100 percent authentic dietary supplement, a lipid nutrient complex sustainably harvested from Antarctic Krill. 

        Suggested Use: For maintenance, take 1 softgel per day, preferably with a small meal. To support mood management, take 2 softgels per day. To support blood lipid management, take 3 softgels per day.  I never burp that fishy taste with this brand.   I started off with 3 softgels, then reduced it to 2 softgels after 6 weeks.  I continue to take 1 softgel every day for Cardio-maintenance.

         Studies on Vitamin E and its' benefits in treating Peyronie's disease are inconclusive, considering how long Vitamin E has been prescribed for treatment.  Double blind study results have been disappointing.  I believe the benefits of Vitamin E are greater in topical use, which I will explain in Phase III.

Click on the Link to hear the Audio on Real Krill Oil . Click here for the  PDF Fact Sheet to download and print.

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  1. Hi. I have a fish and seafood allergy and therefore do not wish to take the Omega-3s in this form. I am also vegan vegetarian. Can you suggest a vegetarian alternative for me.

  2. Thanks for your question Salubridoc,
    For vegetarian's I do not know of a suitable substitute for Omega-3 fish oils, which provide cardiovascular support and raises your good cholesterol levels in the form of DHA and EPA.

    A tablespoon of Flax seed oil will provide Omega-3 oils in a different form, ALA, which the body has the ability to convert to DHA and EPA, it is just not quite as efficient.

  3. There's vegan DHA and EPA supplement and also flax oil with DHA added to it. Just do a quick google search...

    1. Thank you for the information - That is very helpful. - John