Phase 3: The Infantry Attack/Topical Gel

           The ground troops take the fight to the enemy on our 3rd offensive attack.  You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on a compounding pharmacist.  This topical gel consists of three ingredients, that you simply mix and massage directly on your penis.

Heat Treatment
The first part of this treatment attack, is to warm up your penis with a moist hot hand towel.  I used hot water, by running my hand under the flow until it felt just right, probably between 105 and 108 degrees Fahrenheit (40 to 42 degrees Celsius).  Use caution and good judgement to not scald your penis.  I would heat my penis for about 10 minutes.  You can use a hot water bottle or hand warmer if you don't want to keep heating up the water on your hand towel. To read more about heat treatment and the science behind it click here: 

1st Topical Ingredient
SSKI - Potassium Iodide

The first ingredient is a mineral that helps many conditions.  The first ingredient  is SSKI, the Latin initials for Potassium Iodide.  SSKI is used in  treating and helping to eliminate "fibrotic" conditions.  Dupuytren's contracture and Peyronie's disease are both helped considerably by the topical application of SSKI.  The treatment works much faster when mixed with Vitamin E and DMSO.  Purchase all three ingredients and serve as your own compounding pharmacist.  You will save hundreds of dollars over purchasing Verapamil. The other great thing about this formula, is that it Really Works!   

DMSO - 2nd Ingredient  
           The Gel formula works very well as a topical.  I prefer it over DMSO liquid.  The Gel is less messy and more pleasant to work with.  DMSO can sometimes cause skin irritation in the form of a mild rash.  The skin at the base of the penis shaft is less sensitive and a good place to test.  The best brand is made by Dr. Jacobs at Jacob's labs.  I prefer the 50% gel formula, since it is not so strong as the 100% gel, and the penis is a very sensitive area.
            DMSO is a trans-dermal solvent, it has the unique ability to penetrate human skin.  It has been extensively tested for toxicity and safety.  The only adverse reaction to chronic overexposure have been headache, nausea and garlic breath.  You will not come close to  this level of exposure, but the garlic smell is a common side effect.  My wife found the garlic smell somewhat objectionable, but the bend in my penis was  absolutely intolerable.
           One word of warning; make sure your hands and penis are very clean. DMSO will carry the SSKI and Vitamin E through your skin as well as any contaminants.  You can test DMSO's trans-dermal qualities by rubbing some on the bottom of your feet when you go to bed.  When you get up  in the morning you will have the garlic smell on your breath.  DMSO has amazing qualities.  If you would like additional information on its use and safety, click on the link below.

For the latest updates on DMSO and the safest product to purchase go to this link:

3rd Ingredient
Vitamin E:

           Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant, long used in the treatment of Peyronie's disease.  There has not been a lot of evidence of its' effectiveness in treatment with oral use.  I believe it is best used as a topical formula.  The best way and least messy way to use Vitamin E for topical use is to buy the small gel caps and pinch the end to break it open and squeeze out the contents.  Simple and easy!  No bottle of oil to spill.


           My method of applying the Topical compound was to start with the Tri-Quench/SSKI.  Squeeze two drops onto the penis, then pinch open the Vitamin E gel cap and squeeze out the contents.  Scoop out some DMSO gel, about a dime size, and begin to mix and massage into the penis.  You do not need to rub it all into the penis, because DMSO will transport the ingredients through the skin.  If you find this to be exceptionally messy, you are probably using too much DMSO.  Just use a little less and it won't be such a mess. 
           I found an especially pleasant method of applying the topical was to get my wife involved in my treatment.  She would massage the ingredients in.  Remember, a positive mental attitude and good feelings are critical to any healing process.

           This topical gel is also effective for use in Dupuytren's disease and on keloid scars.

Next: Surgical Correction

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for all the info.

    Just wondering how long does one keep the home made ointment on for (i.e. 20 minutes?, 2 hours?, Overnight while sleeping?).

    If one is going to also use a traction device, (or the Phallosan device), one probably will not be applying/using the ointment at the same time when using the traction device, so I was just wondering what sort of approach to take, ( Traction during the day, ointment at night while sleeping, or something else entirely).

    Again, thanks for all the information provide on your blog, and any additional info you may be able to provide regarding this post.

    All the best,

  2. Thanks Chas. for your questions,
    I would massage the ointment in and leave it on overnight. Once the ointment was absorbed I proceeded with traction. Some men are using too much DMSO, so it will not absorb and becomes a mess. It does not take very much gel, and if it is a big mess, just apply less. Traction is something that you have to work out with your schedule. I work during the day and could only use the traction device during the evening and at night. I would put the traction device on after the topical gel was absorbed, and it was not a problem.

  3. J, Thanks so much for the quick reply and the info it contained. C.

  4. John, whats up?
    It's so cool to have people like you in this world ! You want to help people without making a profit !... I have scar tissue build-up from a sexual injury about a year and a half ago ... my penis started curving to the left about 8 months ago ... Have about a 30 degree curve, It just started messing with my mind even though I can still use it. I lost a little bit of girth I used to have, where the injury is now, do you think the girth will come back as the scar tissues breaks up ? .. bought the size genetics at the beginning of this year and has been sitting in the draw for months. I just couldn't picture myself using it .. Now that I read your story here, I shall give it a try. So you say wearing it at night will do the trick? And if I wore it during the day too, I suppose it would speed up the process even faster .. Are you still using the size genetics? Even though you have it all straightened again ..How long would you recommend the gel application for... and in my case do you think its necessary to use the DMSO ?

    Thanks for your time, its nice to be able to talk to someone about this


  5. Hi Steve,
    Thank you for your kind comment and story. In my case I wore the Size Genetics device at night, because I could not wear it during the day with my work schedule. I basically wore it anytime it was convenient and nights were the best time. I would definitely wear it as much as possible. If you just started having the curve 8 months ago, the time for treatment is now, while you are still in the acute stage. That is the best time for treatment. When Peyronie's becomes stable the plaque will harden and will much more resistant to treatment. I do not use the Size Genetics much any more but will occasionally wear it at night, because I still have a slight residual curvature that does not interfere with intimacy, but I do not want it to worsen or return to the condition that I had before.

    I think the Gel treatment is essential in the treatment program, as DMSO passes through the skin and SSKI will serve to soften the scar/plaque. I would try this part of the program for a minimum of 3 to 6 months. It is not expensive for the ingredients and the potential benefit far out weighs the cost.

    Best Wishes in your treatment and recovery - John

  6. Hey John,

    Just wanted to thank you for all this awesome information and ask where you get your SSKI from please? I'm in the UK so I'm having a hard time locating it, but I'm wondering what strength/potassium percentage is on the product you used please so that when I find some I know it's suitable or not.

    Cheers again,


  7. Hi Chris,
    You are welcome for the information, and thank you for your question. The SSKI or Iodine solution I used was 7%. Humco sells a 7% solution at Amazon and Lugol's sells a 5% solution at Amazon as well. Either one should work well. Another Brand is Scientific Botanicals, Inc. but they only sell their product through health practitioners and Doctors. It is a 12.6% solution and is called Tri-Quench. Most over the counter Iodine in stores is a 2% solution and is used as an antiseptic for cuts and abrasions.

  8. Hey John,

    Thanks for the quick reply, I managed to find some SSKI and some liquid DMSO but it's claiming to be 99.98% pure and is recommending dilution of 70% DMSO and 30% water. Should I dilute it or do you think the added SSKI and Vit E would suffer from this? I just want to make sure I dont end up doing any damage down there ;)

    Cheers again,


    1. Hi Chris,
      Sorry about the delay in replying to your question. I am in the middle of moving and have been away from the computer. I went on line to read about diluting DMSO and found you should only use distilled water. It would be a good idea to try it on a sample location - maybe at the base of your penis to see if you get a reaction. The worst reaction I have heard about with DMSO is some redness and irritation. The skin at the base of the penis is not as sensitive and would be a good place to try it. You can read more about diluting DMSO at:
      Thanks your your question and I hope this information is helpful to you.

  9. I notice that you mention using SSKI or potassium iodide but the link you have is for nascent iodine. Is there a difference or should I get the potassium iodide instead of the nascent iodine.

  10. John,
    Possibly a stupid question but worth asking.In place of the iodine drops why wouldn't it be possible to substitute the serrapeptase in the mix with the DMSO since the serrapeptase helps to digest the plaque and the DMSO penetrates the skin and would work directly on the affected area.This could possible cut the chase and save time which is precious to all of us suffering with this dreaded condition.

  11. John,
    I posted a question a few days ago and no reply,I'll try again.I have ordered the DMSO have been using the serrapeptase and acetyl L carnitine as well as traction for approximately two months now.Pardon my ignorance but would using the serrapeptase with the DMSO in small amounts mixed in place of the iodine be a worthy experiment?Just wondering,to me it would make sense since the DMSO is more or less a delivery vehicle and the serrapeptase when absorbed would help to soften and dissolve the plaque direcly on the affected area.

    1. I'm really sorry that I did not post and reply to this comment. I was in the middle of a big move and then building project. I did not have internet access for some time, as my new location is very remote in the Rocky Mountains. I just found the comment, my apologies.

      I do not know how serrapeptase would work in conjunction with DMSO. My topical gel protocol comes from a very respected doctor. Dr. Jonathan Wright of the Tahoma Medical Clinic. I found him while researching medical studies that were effective for treating Peyronie's. The 3 step program I used implemented the best of the studies. I didn't invent anything new, just put it together in a program to include, Topical Treatment (Gel), Internal Treatment (Enzymes), and Mechanical manipulation (Traction). The purpose was to attack from all directions and take massive action and avoid surgery.

      Sorry I can't be more specific on your question, but I have not found any medical studies to support, Serrapeptase with DMSO. I will look into it and see what I can find out.
      Thank you again - John

  12. Hi John,

    Greetings from South Africa! All the products you suggest are easily available locally except for DMSO. Health shops will not keep it as it is an industrial byproduct. After some research, I am reluctant to use DMSO but am happy to use everything else. Will the other topical applications sink in without DMSO? I don't want to carry on all this effort and expense if my chances are compromised by excluding DMSO. I would prefer to use pure Aloe Vera Gel instead> What do you suggest?

  13. Here is a link to an article by Dr. Stanley Jacob.

    Dr. Jacob is located in Portland, Oregon and uses DMSO in the treatment of Scleroderma, which is a collagen disorder that is similar to Peyronie's, but much more severe. There are many products that are compounded with DMSO by compounding Pharmacies as it is very effective as a transdermal solvent.

    The skin is a very effective barrier, and that is why transdermal skin patches are only effective in limited applications. For instance insulin has a large molecular structure that cannot pass through skin so it has to be injected. Transdermal products must either have a very small molecular structure or have a vehicle to penetrate the skin barrier. DMSO is the safest and most effective vehicle that I know of for this purpose. Alcohol is used in some patches, but that would burn and dry out the skin.

    I would suggest using hot compresses - I used a hot wash cloth to raise the temperature of the tissue in the penis. This has been found in studies to unwind and soften the collagen molecule. This is called Hyperthermia, where an elevated temperature helps to increase blood flow and soften the collagen locally. After using hot compresses, I applied the topical gel. I'm not sure how effective using Aloe Vera Gel alone will be, but if I had Peyronie's and DMSO was not available, I'd give it a shot.

    Thank you for your question and best wishes for a successful recovery - John Parks

  14. John,
    I am 30 and felt erection pains about 3 months ago and about a month later noticed an hourglass shape before my tip... It has just now started to curve up and I am going forward with what you did here. I have been to the urologist and he prescribed verapamil and it is getting question to you is, how long did this take for it to clear up with you?

    Thank you,

    1. It took about 9 weeks, before I noticed any changes. The improvement happened gradually and after a few months, I had achieved a drastic improvement. I also took a course of Verapamil early on, and did not have any improvement, although it does work for some men. Peyronie's is very frustrating as one thing will work great for one man and not another. I decided to be proactive in my own treatment out of desperation and not wanting to have surgery. I certainly am glad that surgery was avoided.

    2. Thanks John. I feel your website is an answer to my wife's and my prayers. I'm looking forward to being back to normal! Thank you for posting all this info and giving us some hope. I've been doing this for about a week now.

    3. Thank you for your kind words. I believe prayer and a positive attitude are essential for healing.

      Faith is powerful, in the book of Matthew the scripture tells us: a woman who had suffered from a discharge of blood for twelve years came up behind him and touched the fringe of his garment, for she said to herself, “If I only touch his garment, I will be made well.” Jesus turned, and seeing her he said, “Take heart, daughter; your faith has made you well.” And instantly the woman was made well.

      Keep positive and believe in your recovery. You have my best hopes and wishes for a successful treatment and recovery. Thank you again, John

    4. Just received my SSKI in the mail today.(hard to find without prescription.)

      SSKI stands for super saturated Potassium Iodide.
      Mine is rated @ 60% (WT/V) or 1 drop = 13 Mg KI "Pure Health Botanicals"mfg.
      Is also considered medical grade.

      I will start my treatment tonight and will report once a month on findings.

      Using standard protocol put forth by Mr.Parks, Thank you sir. DSMO/SSKI/VitE 500I.U.softgel

      from T.

    5. Thank you for your comment, and my best wishes for success and a quick recovery. I look forward to hearing about your progress. John

  15. Thank you, John, for your bold commitment to helping others with Peyronies Disease, (I consider it a tithe of your suffering and success.) Regarding my case, I started gradually experiencing asymmetrical "dents" on both sides of my phallus a few year ago, which seem to have become more pornounced over time. Fortunately, I have no curviture per se, nor pain. I believe I am suffering from plaque buildup, however. I was alarmed by a comment you made to a sufferer on December 7, 20011: "If you just started having the curve 8 months ago, the time for treatment is now, while you are still in the acute stage. That is the best time for treatment. When Peyronie's becomes stable the plaque will harden and will much more resistant to treatment." Becaise my frist sign of change was over three years ago, I'm concerned that I have moved beyond the acute stage and that the plaque has become stable. I am envrionemtnally senstive as a result of prolonged exposure to toxic mold in an apartment i lived in for several years, which has compromised my immune system and may be the foundation my Peyronie's Disease. As a result, I am reluctant to try the soy and mushroom fermented products and the silk worm derivative that caused a fungal problem for you in your feet. The other products, however, may deem safe and effetive. That having been said, is there any advice you can offer specifically applicable to my situation?

    1. Thank you for your comment, and kind words.

      In regard to the best time to treat Peyronie's. The most effective time is during the acute stage before the plaque has become stable. That does not mean it can't be treated after it has stabilized, it will just take more time, because the plaque will have hardened.

      I began my treatment at a later stage than the acute stage, because I was doing what the Urologist prescribed and suggested for almost a year. He was ready to schedule surgery (Nesbit Procedure) because my severe curvature had not improved, the pain was gone and my plaque was very large. It was really a matter of when we could schedule it. That is when I panicked (freaked out) and knew that I could not go that route. I spent the next month and half, in research and putting together my own treatment plan. So I was well on the road to a stable condition before beginning treatment. I am confident that it would have been better to begin treatment earlier, but I didn't know what to do at that time.

      One of the things that I do not cover very well in my handbook is heat therapy, I didn't really put it together in my mind, until later, while reading about a study on collagen scar tissue and the effects of Hyperthermia (heat treatment). I always used a hot wet washcloth to heat up the plaque and surrounding tissue before applying the topical gel. My reasoning was that it would increase circulation and allow the DMSO a more open path to carry the SSKI to the plaque. Later I found out from the study that heat unwinds and softens the collagen molecule. The researcher said it became "Floppy" for lack of a more descriptive word. I believe that applying hot compresses is a critical stage in conjunction with the topical gel. It definitely would be important with Peyronie's in the stable stage.

      I had a reaction to one brand of Serrapeptase but not to Dr's. Best, when I used that brand. Environmental sensitivity can come about from many things. Like toxic mold in your case. In my case it is a funny story. I was working in tropical North Queensland, Australia years ago with a tree trimmer friend of mine. I contracted jungle rot and my feet looked absolutely horrible. For years any time my feet would get too hot and sweaty the skin would slough off and my socks would become bloody. I took two rounds of oral Lamasil which got it under control, but I can no longer eat mushrooms and certain types of fungus.

      Fermented products are in almost all foods. Bread has yeast, Wine and Beer, Yogurt, vinegar and the list goes on and on. Our bodies are comprised of 1 to 2% bacteria. In fact In July, 2011, at North Carolina State University, the Belly Button Biodiversity study found about 1,400 different strains of bacteria living in the navels of 95 participants. Of these, 662 strains were previously unrecognized. Gross, huh? Finding the balance of what your body can or can't take is something that is different for each person. If you are being treated by a doctor, it would be worth consulting with him on the safety of taking Serrapeptase and Nattokinase. A naturopathic or osteopathic doctor would be more knowledgeable and open to this type of treatment, than a traditionally trained doctor. If I find out any new information for you, especially applicable to your situation, I will add to this post.

      Thank you again, and Best Wishes for a successful recovery - John Parks

  16. From T.

    Just an update I talked to a dermatologist, she explained I should be careful about the sites I apply this to and should not put it on the whole "thing". Just apply directly to the area that is damaged/ contracted.

    btw the garlic like smell is strange. (DMSO)

    1. I used the DMSO that is mixed with Aloe, to keep from getting irritation. I did apply the gel to my whole penis instead of just locally at the injury site, so that more of the product would be absorbed. I used the same protocol from the instructions that come with the prescription medicine Verapamil.

      DMSO and SSKI together are anti-inflammatory and effective for scar tissue reduction. Verapamil is a different type of drug. It is a calcium channel blocker, which means it works by relaxing the blood vessels. Verapamil is effective for treating high blood pressure and angina, but it really was ineffective for treating Peyronie's in my case, and the price tag was around $1,000.00. It was not covered by my medical insurance.

      Dr. Wright, from Tahoma medical clinic, has an article on SSKI in which he says using a few drops a day poses no risk of overexposure, and DMSO has been found to be very well tolerated by most people. I would recommend using it on a trial basis at first to see if you have any skin irritation. I'm not a medical doctor and would not try to argue the point with your dermatologist, I can only tell you what I did and what worked for me.

      The garlic smell is a bummer with DMSO, and my wife was really happy when I was done with it.

      Thanks for the update and information, and sorry about the garlic smell, but the alternative is worse and the smell is just there temporarily during the treatment time.

      Thank you again - John

    2. From T.

      I think her whole point on location may be because of the concentration, I am using. Her response was we use this level of sski to seal "holes" ?? in severe cases of comedones/acne. I do not pretend to understand what she is talking about...

      I do use Vitamin E and DMSO on my whole unit but I let the sski dry in the small area where the most pain/contraction is at. (I'm afraid of getting it on the head or opening). If it can break down scar/tissue at this strength.

      Side note Mint gum of any kind works great for the smell.

      I feel this is working as long as I keep doing it everyday.

    3. Thanks for your response, I would definitely defer to your Doctor, that is great advice.

      If you have skin irritation or are concerned about the SSKI, you can always switch to nascent iodine. It is very readily absorbed by the body, but is not as concentrated, so it will take longer to do the same thing.

      Mint gum is a great idea, and the mint flavor lasts a long time.

      Thank you again - John

  17. I have been using the nascent iodine from the home screen link and not the sski, will there be any negative results from that? I have ordered the sski that's shown at the top of this page now. Also, I haven't had the garlic I not using enough?


  18. There is no problem using nascent iodine vs. sski. Nascent iodine holds an atomic form of iodine with an incomplete number of electrons, which gives it a high electromagnetic charge. The body can readily absorb and use nascent iodine. Usually nascent iodine has a lower percentage of iodine than sski, so using it as a topical will not be quite as effective.

    I receive quite a few emails asking about the toxicity of SSKI. Using a couple of drops once or twice a day, topically does not pose a threat of overdosing. You can read more about it here:

    You are fortunate not to have the garlic smell. Most people I hear from complain about the garlic smell. You don't need to use very much DMSO or it really makes a mess. It doesn't take much of it - I used about a dime sized dollup each time. At first I tended to use too much and it was really messy.

    Thanks for your comment and questions and best wishes for a quick recovery. John Parks

    1. Thanks for the quick reply. I am now using the SSKI that shown at the top of this page, organo iodine drops. I just want my recovery as fast as possible!! Would it be ok to use this compound more than once a day or is in the evening before bed enough?

      Sorry for all the questions John.

      Also, I am the poster that posted up a few post above, 30 years old and noticed the pain in October and then curvature started shortly after and getting worse as I took verapamil. Well I've been using your method (minus extender, just started this week) and my wife and I seem to think that the knots have shrunk already!! Not sure if this is possible this soon but it sure does feel like it.

      Thank you again for all your information.


    2. Thank you for the great news and questions,

      Don't apologize for asking questions, I don't know everything about this condition, but I am happy to share whatever I can, to help in your treatment and recovery. It is very possible to see results in such a short time. Every person's immune system, healing rate, and reaction timed are different, as well as the causea of this condition vary so much. That is one reason it is so difficult for doctors to have a consensus on treatment protocols.

      I tried to apply the topical gel compound twice a day, but was not always able, due to work and a busy schedule. Twice daily was my optimum goal, but don't beat yourself up if you can't. I would apply it in the morning and before going to bed any time I could work it in.

      I used the traction device, because during the year that I was being treated by a urologist, I lost an inch to retraction caused by the plaque. The surgery would have resulted in a loss of another 2-3 cm. which would have been another inch. I was able to recover that lost length through traction and was thrilled to have it back. I did not continue on an enlargement program, but sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had continued. I just wanted to be back to my normal pre-Peyronie's self.

      I'm really happy things are working out for you,
      John Parks

    3. From T.

      Johns right the more questions we ask or answer. Means better knowlege as a whole. Cheers.

  19. Hi John,

    My name is AC.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and all this information. This is really great what you have done. Recently about a month ago, I had a rigorous love making session. Went to excessive and hit something bent it a bit hurt my self. The pains started with morning erections. Saw the urologist, he said not to worry. May take a year to heal. Well, Im worried after reading all the Peyronie's disease info on web and about thrombosis. I recently noticed an oval concave indentation on the underside. It's like there is material missing. Im thinking now that this may not heal by it self and even though I may not have Peyronie's disease, I am now a prime candidate will get it in a few months down the road.

    Wondering out of your therapy what you would recommend I start with, to kind of get a head start on the healing process?

    I am currently taking 200iu of vitamin E orally & a fish oil.

    Thank you for any suggestions, it would be much appreciated.


    1. If you have a concave indentation, it is possible that you have some type of blockage that is causing it. It could be scar tissue from the injury, and this would be very similar to Peyronie's, only without the curvature. To diagnose what is going on it would take a doctor's examination.

      You should feel your penis just before the indentation to see if there is a difference in the density on one side versus the other, or any lump or bump that may be forming. Scar tissue at first will feel more dense, but may not feel hardened at this point, so it can be hard to detect it in the early stages. The feeling of material missing, may be the blood flow is less, directly in front of the injury site, which would cause a indentation with erections.

    2. Thanks. God bless you John for all your help. You are making a difference in people's lives with no personal motive. That's a truly admirable.

      Now,(I'm not AC, the OP) I think your description here applies to my member. What recourse is advised in this condition?

      Is there anything I can do without going to the doctor (since I don't have insurance)?

  20. How much percent should the SSKI be? like how much iodine and how much potassium iodide?

    1. I like the Lugol's formula that is 5% iodine and 10% Potassium Iodide. That gives you a good dose of 6.25 mg per drop.

  21. Hi, I was looking at some Iodide solutions. I found this 'Decolorized Iodine' at CVS. (

    Will this work?

    1. I was not familiar with this product, but I went to the link you provided and read the ingredients.
      45% alcohol, Ammonium and Potassium Iodides 6.7 - 7.1% After reading the ingredients I did a little research and found that Ammonium Iodides are used in Photographic chemicals, as a preservative and in Veterinary medications. I did not find a lot of uses for people, but that doesn't mean it is bad for you. I really can't give you a recommendation on this product.

      Personally I would go with something like Lugol's solution, which is more expensive but consists of 5% iodine, 10% Potassium Iodide and 85% distilled water. You can purchase it at, here is a link:

  22. Just read all of the comments and couldn't find any dealing with cancer or prostate removal. Does all this information apply to someone that has been thru these procedures ?

  23. The 3 step treatment program for Peyronie's does not address men that have had prostate cancer or prostate removal surgery. A man that has had this type of surgery should consult with his physician before taking on an additional treatment protocol, as I am not sure how they might interact or interdict with each other.

    My Dad has suffered with Prostate enlargement and had TURP (trans-urethral-resection of the prostate) surgery in the year 2000. Last year in 2012 his prostate had again enlarged to the point of blocking off urine flow. I did some research and encouraged him to have the green lazer surgery over TURP. He was thrilled with how fast the recovery time was and the risks are vastly reduced with this surgical procedure, due to increased visibility for the surgeon. With TURP surgery, bleeding obscures much of the view, while the surgeon is performing this procedure. Prostate enlargement is not the same as Prostate cancer or Prostate removal. There are many other considerations with Cancer, such as erectile function or dysfunction. I'm sorry that I can't be more informative or helpful in this area, but it is not an area that I am well enough informed on.

  24. Hi John, In one of your comments, you say rubbing the three solutions "into" the penis.. ? I understand that the skin will absorb, but are we trying to actually get this stuff "inside" as well?

  25. Dear John,
    I too suffer from Peyronie's and have tried many things too. I have started using a traction device I had purchased years ago but then saw they were raided by the FDA and shut down because the company claimed to be "FDA approved' and were not, and was afraid of making things worse. I too use many supplements from my own research, including some you mention, and use L-Arginine for it's production of Nitrous Oxide, plus others for nerve health, circulation, and cellular regeneration. As weird as it may sound, I have recently started using Testosterone gel on my penis, in a desperate attempt to try to regain some of the size I have lost. Not sure what long term ramifications of this might be. Another issue had been chronic horrific pain and 17 years of narcotics, anti-inflamatories, anti-depressants, anti-seizure(to block nerve pain messages) things like Valium and Zanax and sleeping meds. ALL affect a male's sexual function, and found out that lack of use of your penis also can cause 'shrinkage' of 2 or more inches. Geeze! I am done with all meds, and trying to recover. Thanks for this site. Have fun in the Rockies! Chuck

  26. For what this is worth, I use melted Shea Butter on my penis after stretching, it is an exceptional natural oil, I like to microwave it to melt the butter consistency, give me some warmth, promote blood flow and healing, great for skincare of any kind, and then work it in a little after a couple hours with stretching device. It is not easy to find unadulterated, but do get mine from an essential oil importer, have no personal financial interest with, and just thought I'd let you and the others know. Chuck

  27. This may be a stupid question but can you have sex with the topical solution on your penis? I don't know if I am in the acute stage or what stage I am in. The pain during erections has not gone away but is much less depending on how hard, I can feel grizzle, I am definitely losing size, I have no power, like the blood isn't getting to the end. My penis always bent to the left but now there is an indent. The Urologist said take Vitamin E and it would go away over time. I have been taking it for 90days(orally) it seems less grizzle y but still not right, its like I have a rubber band around it. I can still get erections but not the same, I am also aging(43) so kind of thought that was the problem. As I am sure you were, I am just confused by it. Any how, if you could answer my sex question and any thoughts/advice.


  28. Hi John,
    Seem to be so many who need help. I am one of them. Don't know the cause - could have been injury!!
    Does this mixture assist in the softening of hardened areas underneath the skin? I have a blockage about half way up restricting blood flow to the glans. Painfull and restricts ejaculation.
    My e - mail is if you feel that you can be of assistance.
    Good topic.
    Kind regards

  29. John,
    I just started your program a few days ago. Wish I had found this sooner. I've started having symptoms 5 years ago. Now the plaque had definitely formed. I've have about a 45 degree curvature for over 3 years now. My urologist had me started on a vacuum device. I only used it for a week before running across your video. Now I have the Male Edge traction device and have been using it along with the DMSO/SSKI/Vitamin E.

    I hope it is not too late for this treatment to work. Do you have any books or articles you have written other than what is on this website?

    1. It is definitely more difficult to treat Peyronie's after the plaque has hardened and stabilized. But I would never say it is too late. If I were in your shoes, after all of this time, I would used hot compresses to try and increase circulation and soften the plaque, then I would apply the topical gel in ph. 3 of my program. Make sure and massage the area where the plaque has formed, but not so aggressively that it will cause additional damage. Most men are intuitive enough to know how aggressive to be with their own penis.

      I have written a short book that is available by email request. I will send it to you as an attachment in an email reply. Email me at: to request it.

      I will be revising some of the content over the next few weeks, because there are new protocols and a prescription drug, Xiaflex that have come on the market recently. I am collecting all of the new information at this time, but in the meantime, the book contains a lot of valuable information that will help you to understand the physiology and mechanics of this conditon.

      Thank you for your comment - John

  30. John,
    I have been using your program since January, I started having erections pains in October, and was diagnosed in November I believe (used verapamil for about 6 weeks). I have posted a few times before. I have definitely noticed change, shape change and so on. I have the plaque on each side toward the head. The right hand side seems to be about 1/2 the size and the left seems to have come down, but not as much as the right. I know there is change though because at first any time I got out of the shower it was pretty stiff even when flaccid and hurt to put my underwear on and that has completely gone away, guess anyone would hope that it'd just go away faster lol. From what you've heard, does things seem to be going good for me? I definitely still have it with a decent amount of up curvature right before the head, but this seems to have come down some. I don't wear the traction device as much as I should (few times a week).

    Question I had though, I have tried 3 different iodine. This one, , seems to "melt away the DMSO when I apply it and feels warm, doesn't feel like it want to mix either. The nascent iodine, , is what I started out with and mostly use now, seems to have quick results when I started. Tried the organo iodine drops, but for some reason it seemed like I was at a stand still with this.

    Any idea why the first iodine "melts" the iodine? Good? Bad? Neither? I feel like if this is getting better, I'll stay this route. The shots sound very pricey and painful lol.

    Thanks again for your website!! It's been great to have a place to go.

    1. The first iodine is Lugols Solution it is 5% iodine and 10% SSKI in a distilled water base. It probably is just diluting the DMSO, because of its' water base. The iodine in Lugol's is derived from a mined crystal and added to Potassium iodide. This form of iodine is similar to the iodine that has been depleted in farm soils. So it is readily bio-available and absorbed well.

      Nascent Iodine is a 2% iodine in an organic grain alcohol base. There is less iodine in this product but it is very bio-available and readily absorbed. Nascent Iodine would feel like it is blending with the DMSO easier, due to alcohol being a more potent solvent than water, and the alcohol would tend to evaporate much faster than the water base in Lugol's. Either one of these products should be effective when mixed with DMSO, it is just the difference in the base that makes them feel like one absorbs better than the other.

      It sounds like you are doing well in improvement, sorry about how long it is taking. I know that when I started this program on myself, I wanted instant gratification, but it is a long process and a lot of work.

      If your experience with the traction device is causing you discomfort, you can always try adding some soft foam rubber under the sensitive areas. I added some soft open cell foam under the base, because the tension pushing against the area where my suspensary ligament attaches to the penis would get sore and sometimes a little red. The added padding stopped this from occurring. You should try and stay consistent with traction, as it will really help in reducing the curvature over time.

      I appreciate your comment and wish you further success in your treatment
      Thanks - John

  31. I'm 33 and I injured my self performing jelks exercise probably press so hard and had micro tears. At first couldn't get stiff and freaked out, then started to get painful erections and penis swollen after. Thought it was healing and it would get back to normal, but everything just got worsened lost sensation, it shrank, stiff while flacid, hard to get a erection and if I do they not as firm and can't hold it for long. Used to have spontaneous erection and morning woods and lost all that. This happened 3 years ago, I'm trying not to loss hope, but its a nightmare. I'll appreciate if you answer and if you think this treatment will help me. Been taking acetyl l carnitine 4x 250mg twice day on empty stomach, 100% natural vitamin E 400iu d-Alpha tocopherol x2 a day, l arginine free form 500mg x2 a day and Omega 3 fish oil. All from vitamin world. For about a month now, haven't seen any results yet.

    1. If I were in your shoes, I would go see a doctor and get a referral to a urologist. Sounds like this is an ongoing problem if it has not healed in 3 years. You could try using a hot water bottle to try and soften the scar tissue and increase circulation. Just make sure it is not over 113 degrees Fahrenheit, so as not to scald or cause any further damage. I don't think the topical gel protocol could harm your condition, and it would probably help. It would be good to be evaluated by a urologist though first.

      You are taking the right amount of Acetyl-L-Carnitine. 2 grams a day for 3 months is the recommended dosage for Peyronie's. Vit. E has not been shown to make any difference in clinical studies, and neither has Omega e fish oil shown to help with Peyronie's. In 2010 a study showed coenzyme Q10 was helpful in erectile dysfunction and worked well to decrease plaque volume. If you would like to read a quick overview of clinical studies, showing what has worked and what hasn't for Peyronie's. Go to:

      Feel free to email me: with questions and you can read, download or print my book for free at:

      Sorry you are going through such a tough time, John Parks

  32. Hi there, great to find this site. I think I may be the largest peyronies sufferer. I have 94% curvature and a candidate for the new study taking place in many states. I've been to NY and the Peyronies disease control center in California. I'm in constant pain 100% of the time and there are no erections possible at this point. I've gone through 3 surgeries and nothing helped, it even made things worse. I never had a problem before one doctor thought he saw a slight bump on an ultrasound and recommended I have it removed through surgery. That's what started the entire thing. Had I not had the first surgery everything would still be fine. So, my question is do you think it's worth starting a law suit because there was nothing found during the surgery and I believe I was misadvised. The comment I'd like to make is on Emu oil. If you don't know about it, it's the only oil that can penetrate through more than seven layers of tissue and can be mixed with 800 of E which I think may be a better plan for absorption. Even though E has not been a proven factor to work Emu oil has no side effects and is extremely easy to work with. In my case I not only have a 94% curvature but I also have plication on 80% of the penis. I have tried everything you listed years ago just by doing research and of course a traction device is out of the question because of the pain. It's to a point where it can't be touched without intense pain, I have to sit down while urinating without touching it and wipe very gently. It's very difficult to walk with clothing on and just moving around in general is rough. I was told about the Emu oil by a holistic practitioner and thought that might help some people out.

    1. I am so sorry for your physical distress, and thank you for your input and advice. Emu oil sounds promising and I will do some further research on that. As far as filing a lawsuit, you should gather your medical records and consult with an attorney that specializes in medical malpractice. I'm not qualified to give advice in this area. I feel so bad that you are suffering, it sounds like this condition and the surgeries have made your life miserable.

      You might want to talk with Jack at:
      He is a really great guy and the blog tells his personal story and struggle. I think he may be able to give you some helpful advice with what you are going through. Tell Jack I said, "Hi"

      I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, and thank you for writing, sorry I can't be more helpful in your situation.

      Best Wishes - John

  33. When doing the topical application, how long do you leave the mix on the skin, or how soon can the skin be washed after application?

    1. When applying the topical gel, you should leave the mix on the skin and let it absorb. If you wash the skin after application, you will be washing away the benefits of DMSO/SSKI, and they will not be doing the job. Let the topical dry and stay on after applying it. DMSO will absorb and carry the SSKI/Iodine through the skin and help in softening the plaque. If you would like to read more on DMSO, I recently posted an update to cover common questions:

  34. Dear John, Thanks for all the great information on your web site. I notice that on a different part of your site you indicate that you have developed some reservations about the DSMO brand you used for recovery and that you now advocate Dr Jacob's. Is there another brand that combines DSMO with Aloe and has pharmaceutical grade DSMO ? If not, if one purchases 100% pharmaceutical grade DSMO i.e not combined with any filtered water, are you supposed to water it down before applying it to your shlong or do you just apply this as is? Thanks.

  35. Thank you for the great question. Dr Jacob's labs sells DMSO in a 50% gel:
    This is the one that I would have purchased. I would not use 100% full strength on my penis. You do not need to water this product down before application.

    You can always buy Aloe Vera jelly to mix with it. I know that is another step and another product, but that is about the only way I know of to get the benefits of DMSO and the protection of Aloe Vera in the topical formula. The brand I purchased worked well for me and I did not have any problems or side effects. It just isn't pharmaceutical grade and it probably is not worth risking your health on a product that you are not 100% sure about.

  36. Dear John,

    Thank you very much for your efforts in helping guys like me get some help in this challenge.I have studied your website over the last 2 weeks and I just received an order from I-Herb with Dr. Best Serrapeptase before reading your article where you recommend other brands. At present considering what you know, would you still recommend Dr. Best brand or do you consider it as not good enough for use.
    The same apply to any new information in regards to other vital ingredients of your program such as nattokinase and acetyl-l-carnitine.
    Currently I'm living in Ireland and I can't find any DMSO products here. Could you please let me know if you still recommend the Dr. Jacobs product and also other products you have used in your gel.
    if somebody wants to find out latest from the good french website with explanation of all medical efforts to deal with peyronies disease here is the link:

    Your help is much appreciated.



  37. Thank you Joe for your questions. I took Dr's. Best Serrapeptase and was happy with the results. The reason for recommending other brands at this time, is the enteric coating, that contains plasticizers. After studying what is in the coating - (phthalates), I couldn't in good unconscious recommend taking them. I really do not know what the long term effects will be. Lots of prescription medications contain phthalates in their enteric coating, so that the end product will end up in the digestive tract where it will be absorbed. Dr's. Best uses high quality contents in their formulas and they are effective, I just do not think that the enteric coating is 100% safe.

    Dr's Best Acetyl L Carnitine and Nattokinase are not enteric coated, so they are safe to ingest. It is just their Serrapeptase that I have an issue with.

    Dr. Jacobs labs, makes a pharmaceutical grade DMSO of the highest quality. I do not know if they ship to Ireland. You will have to contact them about that. I know that Dr. Jacobs was not well last time I contacted them, and his son is running the business. He wrote to me, and was waiting for his father to recover and come back to work. They still are shipping and producing their products, so I have confidence in their quality. I used tree brand DMSO at the time, because I was not aware of Dr. Jacobs. Since DMSO is a trans-dermal solvent, it is very important to use only the purest and highest quality. Any impurities that are of a small enough molecular weight will penetrate the skin with the DMSO. Also I have received emails from men that use Dr. Jacobs DMSO, and they have told me that the typical odor is not as bad with that product. This will vary from one person to the next, as we all react differently, due to different eating habits and lifestyles. So I would not say that this product will not have the odor side effect.

    Thank you for the link to the french website, I will check it out, and best wishes for a complete and quick recovery.

  38. Does the alcohol in the nascent iodine get carried through the skin by the DMSO?

  39. I'm sure some of the alcohol does get carried by the DMSO through the skin, but since there is only a couple of drops being used at a time. It is a minute amount. I do not know how much of it passes through, since alcohol evaporates rather quickly.

  40. But if some alcohol did get dragged through the skin by the DMSO, would it not then interact with the delicate tissues, causing possible damage? I've used topical DMSO with Lugol's and I have some nascent as I hear it's quite effective but I'm scared to try it because of the alcohol.

    1. Personally, I do not think there is any real danger of alcohol caused damage, but I do not know 100% either way. There is no information that I could find on the risks and I could not find any studies regarding alcohol absorption, and the possible dangers. Many men do use Nascent iodine, as it is the most bio-available form of Iodine. Lugol's formula has a higher percentage of Iodine, so it is a trade off. Dr. Jonathan Wright sells and recommends a different Iodine formula at the Tahoma dispensary. There are a lot of different opinions on the best Iodine/SSKI formula to use. I think you should use the one you feel most comfortable and safe with. Sorry I can not come up with a more definitive answer, but I couldn't find any information that was helpful.

      Information about product safety is a constantly changing topic. Remember the ad campaign, "Every Body Needs Milk?" It was thought that milk was the best source of calcium, and dairy products were absolutely wonderful for everyone. Now many medical practitioners test patients for lactose intolerance, and not every body does not need milk. Lactose intolerance is a big problem. So the field of medical safety and drug interactions and interdiction's is a constantly evolving field of study. What ever I post on this site is researched and done in good faith and with the honest intention of helping men recover from this affliction. But in the final view it is my opinion, based on study, and is not the final word. The medical field is constantly evolving and changing, based on new information and studies.

  41. Thanks john for all the advice, let me start by saying I had prostate cancer, caught it extremely early since I had a family history and was watching for it. I had prostate surgery in 2011 and my psa is below zero. well a year after robotic prostate surgery I started to feel the plaque develop on the side and after a while it settled on the top by the base. I went to a dr in Houston and he diagnosed me with peyronies. I think my recovery from prostate went so well I overdid it once and got injured. well 2 wks ago I started xiaflex shots but i'm still doing my research and reading so here I am. will this regimen affect the xiaflex or will it just help the process? I really want to avoid the surgery at any cost since it seems like the cons are too much to think about. I have a 45 degree bend to the right and the pain of erections is gone, but it is quite a bend nonetheless and sex can be difficult a times.

    1. Thanks for your question, and I'm sorry for all you have been through. Urologic studies have found that multiple treatment protocols are more successful than just using one option alone. If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't hesitate to try additional treatment options, but they will have to depend on how much you are physically able to do. I know the Xiaflex shots cause bruising and pain, so it will require time for healing between injections. It would probably be helpful and comforting to use warm compresses. I just posted an article this morning on the blog, discussing heat treatment. You may find the information helpful.
      Best wishes for success and complete healing - John Parks


  42. Dear, John!
    Thank you for all this!

    My answer is:
    What do you know (or can you say) about leech therapy? Because in this way we have a deal with hyaluronidase - the substance that issolve fibrous tissue.

    Thank you!

  43. I have never heard of anybody using live leeches in Peyronie's treatment. I have heard of sites recommending powdered leeches, in a compound to use on a waning moon. It sounds pretty hokey to me. I honestly do not believe any phase of the moon has anything at all to do with Peyronie's, but Leeches do contain some interesting chemical compounds, that could possible help dissolve plaque.

    You mention hyaluronidase in your question. Hyaluronidase increases tissue permeability. Hyaluronidase (also known as Vitrase) is a medication that can be used to dissolve hyaluronic acid (HA) based dermal fillers such as Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, and more in cosmetic procedures. It has been found to be somewhat effective for injecting into Peyronie's plaques for patients that have a history of less than 12 months of plaque formation. (non calcified)

    Hirudin is another possibly beneficial peptide found in Leech saliva. Hirudin inhibits blood coagulation and binds to Thrombin. Thrombin is active in converting fibrinogen to fibrin. Fibrin is what forms blood clots. These blood clots in the Tunica Albuginea of the penis,due to low blood flow, sometimes develop into cartilaginous masses or plaques as we know them. Leech saliva also contain other promising enzymes, like Collagenase, which breaks the peptide bond in collagen. Collagenase is the active ingredient in the drug Xiaflex. In addition to these compounds are Proteases - Enzymes used in the debridement of wounds. Calin - blocks and inhibits collagen-mediated platelet aggregation. Acetycholine, which is a Vasodilator and Destabilase, which dissoves fibrin.

    Leech saliva secretions are perfectly pre-adapted for human physiology, in the areas of blood clotting, inhibition of enzymes, anti-inflammation and connective tissue disorders. One leech will suck out approximately a teaspoon of blood and lymph fluids. The leech will draw blood from 1 to 20 minutes until it is fully engorged. It will usually drop off within a 1/2 to a full hour. The bite site will continue to discharge from 12 hours to 48 hours, depending on the person, and bleed up to 10 tablespoons of blood and fluid.

    I had a Leech on my foot once while hiking through the rain forest. It was somewhat unnerving, but I felt no physical pain or discomfort, whatsoever. I could not imagine having one on my penis, the revulsion factor is way to high. Hopefully there will be more research in the near future using the active substances found in Leech saliva.