Serrapeptase is the miracle enzyme found in the digestive tract of the Japanese silkworm.  The photo at right shows a silkworm hatching from it's cocoon.  The Serrapeptase enzyme in its' saliva is digesting the dead material  in the cocoon and is literally dissolving a hole in minutes, for the moth to hatch and emerge.

     The brand of Serrapeptase that I order and used was Doctor's Best.  I ordered and used other brands, one of them gave me an itchy fungus infestation on my feet.  I believe it was a reaction to the mushrooms they used to culture the bacteria.  I have found that Doctor's Best brand uses the highest quality ingredients, with effective research and formulation.  They are also cost effective and do not charge high prices.  Their products are a great value.  Recently I changed my recommendation from this brand due to phthalates in their enteric coating, which are plasticizers.  Robert Redfern makes a very high quality product that has a delayed release capsule.  It is phthalate free.  The name of his product is Serra Enzyme.  To read the latest report on Serrapeptase, medical studies, enteric coating and activity units in the capsule click on this link.

Robert Redfern
     Dead tissue, fibrin, plaque, blood clots and scar tissue are the products of injury and inflammation.  Inflammation has been found to be the cause of most disease as we age.  Serrapeptase is one of the most powerful proteolytic enzymes known, that dissolves this dead tissue in the body.  To listen to Robert Redfern on the Healthquest Radio Show click on the link.  Robert Redfern has written a book on Inflammation and Serrapeptase.

     Serrapeptase has been used for over 25 years in Europe and Asia to treat all types of Inflammatory diseases, such as Arthritis, Heart Disease, Emphysema, Fibroid Tumors and many more serious ailments, including Peyronies Disease.  

    Dose:  Potency is measured in International Units and not Milligrams.  For treating Peyronie's disease I took two veggie Caps a day - 80,000 I.U. ea.  -  Once in the morning and once in the evening without food.

Note: Serrapeptase and Nattokinase should be taken without food between meals, or one hour before eating.  This is important, because the enzyme needs to activate in the lower intestine, so it can be absorbed into the blood stream, where it will perform its primary function.  If it is taken with food, it will absorb the protein in the food and be passed through as waste.

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  1. Hi John
    First let me thank you for all the info! It is said that if you want to be healed, help others heal. Bless you for what you doing to help others!

    I was wondering what your thoughts might be about using Serrapeptase in a topical treatment? The Serrapeptase dissolves well in the DMSO.

    Thanks John!


  2. Hi D, Thank you for your kind comment.
    I do not know what Serrapeptase would do as an enzyme dissolved in DMSO. The silk worm does use it as a topical to hatch from its' cocoon.

    The formula I used in the Topical Gel was developed and used successfully to treat Peyronie's by Dr. Jonathan Wright of the Tahoma Medical Clinic. He as a great article on his website about SSKI and many of its' uses. I trust Dr. Wright and have not found any information about Serrapeptase used in a Topical formula. But I will look into it.
    Thanks again for your insight and question.

  3. Hi John,
    Robert Redfern here.
    The protocol I have had the best results with (over 300 Peyronies sufferers) over the past 12 years is this:
    SerraPlus 80,000iu with MSM and Trace minerals
    Nascent Iodine Drops
    Both of these are specifcially design for this type of fibrosis and has also been successfully used by over 800 ladies with breast fibrosis and cysts.

  4. Thank you Robert Redfern,
    It is an honor to have you post to this blog. Your valuable research has helped so many people and is much appreciated. Thanks again for this treatment protocol.
    John Parks

  5. Hi Robert Redfern,

    Is the MSM & Trace minerals you mentioned part of the ingredients in the SerraPlus 80,000iu product?

    How are nascent Iodine Drops utilised in Peyronies disease case? Applied topically or taken orally?


  6. I asked Robert about the iodine drops and he told me 3x3 ...3 drops, 3 times a day with a little bit of water. i hope the best for ya man.

  7. Are you familiar with this product and would this be something you would recommend in this regimant?
    They call it Blockbuster All Clear?

    1. It looks like a really great product. The 2 main enzymes are Serrapeptase and Nattokinase with a blend of others. It is endorsed by Robert Redfern, who is the "Serrapeptase Guy". Looks like it would work really well. The price for one bottle is $49.95 and if you buy 3 bottles you get a 4th one free.

  8. Hi John, Firstly, thanks for the invaluable information you provide via your site. Just wanted to ask in your view, what is the most effective way to derive Serrapeptase, Nattokinase Co-Q10 etc at their required levels to meaningfully impact Peyronie's? I.e would you buy/combine these as stand-alone products, or would you just go for a combination product like a Neprinol, Blockbuster All Clear etc. If the latter, which combined product would earn your highest recommendation (assuming quality/results as the main driver rather than price). Many thanks.

    1. Thank you for your question. I have been doing some research lately on Serrapeptase and have been preparing an updated article to give the latest information. It will be posted soon. To answer your questions, here is some new information. First of all, most of the products available are Enteric coated. I looked into this and found that the majority of companies use HCMCP, which is a combination of cellulose and plasticizers, which offer protection against stomach acid. - hydroxypropyl methycellulose phthalate. Another enteric coating is CAP - cellulose acid phthalate. I do not want to ingest phthalates (plastic), and do not recommend them, even though I have ingested them for a long time, up until now.

      I found three products that use other methods of protection. There is another coating called Acid Armor which is an extra thick cellulose coating that is phthalate free, and MAAC - Methacrylic Acid Copolymer, which is recognized as a food grade product and has been approved for 50 years.

      Personally I would go with the thicker cellulose coating. This coating has not been tested in studies yet, since it is a new product. It has been out for about one year. The other enteric coatings have been in use between 40 and 70 years. Even though the level of gastro-resistance is unknown, the concept is sound. Advocates for enteric coating, test the enzyme capsules in extremely acid conditions, which do not really reflect real life conditions. When taking Serrapeptase on an empty stomach, they do not induce acid production by themselves. Typically the capsule enters the stomach and exits in 30 minutes or less.

      The only brands I found that were not enteric coated are Robert Redfern's - Serra Enzyme with delayed release and Arthur Andrew-s Acid Armor. I found one brand that uses MAAC enteric coating, but can't remember the brand. I will find it before posting the article. Blockbuster All Clear also uses a delayed release capsule that is phthalate free. I am trying to figure out which products are best at this writing.

      If I were in your shoes right now, I would take individual products for effectiveness and safety concerns. Based on the information so far, that seems like the best approach. I will do some additional research on combination products before posting the article, but that will take some additional time.

      On price vs. quality, it is really a matter of what level of SPU's (Serratiopeptidase Units) are available for a given price. The two non-enteric coated capsule provide a very cost effective approach, even though the cost per capsule may be higher.
      I used the MSRP to figure out the price. Robert Redfern's Serrazyme worked out to $.29 per 100,000 SPU's, Arthur Andrew's Acid Armor works out to $.47 per 100,000 SPU's.

      The enteric coated brands were: Vitamin Shoppe and Enerex - $.55 per 100M-SPU's, Dr's. Best and Source Naturals - $.62 per 100M-SPU's, and Solaray - $1.09 per 100M-SPU's. So you can see that the price per bottle or capsule is not an indicator of the best buy or best quality.

      The best quality and best price go to Robert Redfern and Arthur Andrew.

      I also did some study on the safety of Serrapeptase and found only one adverse reaction;
      This was a case where Serrapeptase was thought to be the cause of pneumonitis, but the evidence was not conclusive. Serrapeptase has been the subject of many studies, which I will post links to in the new article, without one case of serious side effects or adverse interaction with other medicines. The one warning I would post is: Do not take Serrapeptase wihtou the consent of your physician if you are taking anti-coagulants/blood thinners such as coumadin, or warafarin.

      I know this is a very lengthy reply in a comment section,but there is a lot to cover, from your question. Thank you again.

  9. I'm a 26 year old who's been dealing with what I think is Peyronies for the past year and a half. It started because I was vain about a very slight curvature I had an attempted to manually "correct" the problem myself, oh if only I had known what was in store for me. The damage I caused completely took over my life. Not so much sexually thank god, but more so physically and mentally. I couldn't wear regular pants very often without feeling like I was just adding to the damage (as it would hurt) and so I started wearing sweatpants (which I used to hate before.) Because of constantly wearing sweatpants I didn't feel like going out looking like a slob, so I'd often just stay at home. On top of all this I was going through a long breakup with my ex high school sweetheart so I was feeling as down as person could feel, losing a woman that I still to this day love with all my heart.

    I couldn't run anymore or doing anything that moved that area too much. Sex and masturbation would have to be carefully executed. And even if I was doing it perfectly it'd still hurt afterwards so I'd often have to have sex late at night before bed so I could lay down immediately after and not move to hurt it more.

    Well I've been doing research since the beginning, reading alot of forums and just everywhere. I knew it was my body overreacting in some way just didn't know how to fix it. I've made alot of changes that seem to help, but nothing was the cure I was looking for. Eating organic, free range, etc, etc. Adding in alot of omega 3 rich foods, trying to cut out dairy, taking fish oil, eating alot of olive oil, using olive oil as lube..

    Then I saw the one research study that helped me move in the right direction. It showed that most of the plaque's were formed from fibrin, not knowing what fibrin was but knowing I didn't want it anymore I looked up ways to get rid of it and came across serrapeptase.

    3 days ago I took my first capsule, 60,000 iu once a day. Within ten minutes the pain had nearly subsided, and the curvature was visibly better. Day 3 now and the curvature looks over half better, probably more. And the pain is almost non-existent.

    I really don't want to jinx myself but I can't help myself, I want to scream it from the roof tops I'm so happy right now. This is the cure I've been looking for.. Yesterday I actually went out like a normal person, in normal pants haha. And this morning I had some amazing sex with just a little tenderness, but I'm thinking within a short amount of time that will be gone too. The best part is the curvature is almost completely gone. I'd wake up in the morning with horrible hourglassing but haven't seen that since. At times when I look at it I can't even tell I had Peyronies and that makes me happy, the lose of girth was starting to really get to me but seems its back.

    This substance seems to be great for other things too, particularly depression and anxiety which I've been self medicating my whole life. Yesterday I had something really anxiety provoking I had to do and usually my heart is beating so hard I can't breath right or my stomach is in knots, but I just did it like it was nothing I could feel my heart beating fast but it wasn't pounding hard enough to cause me problems. Also my eyesight which was getting so bad that I was contemplating glasses, cleared up after ten minutes of the first capsule and has been pretty good since. To anyone suffering from this nasty disease, there is a cure. And serrapeptase is it! I wouldn't wish this shit on my worst of enemies.

    Quick question... How long should a person take it before they could consider themselves cured? Or should I expect to be taking this on/off for the rest of my life? The only thing I'm worried about is losing muscle gains as it sounds like serrapeptase eats up proteins too. Is this just in the digestive tract or all over the body that it does this to protein?

    Good article by the way ;)

    1. I am very happy for you, having such amazing results, so quickly. I have been taking Serrapeptase now for years. I do miss days sometimes and forget to reorder, so have a lapse now and then, but I plan on taking it for the rest of my life. Serrapeptase has been shown to scavenge fibrin and dead tissue in the blood, so I believe it promotes healthy circulation and helps to make up for my bad diet. I know it will not perform miracles, if I eat loads of fatty or sweet food, but it will help me in slowing down atherosclerosis and plaque build up that can cause strokes, so it is something I plan on always taking. Personally I believe a person will benefit from taking serrapeptase on a continuum. This enzyme is a proteolitic enzyme and does not waste muscle or live tissue. It does not eat up living protein, it digests dead tissue and is sometimes called a fibrinolytic enzyme, as it dissolves destructive fibrin. Statin drugs are used widely to lower cholesterol, but are also known to cause muscle loss and wasting. If you would like to know more about Serrapeptase and it's benefits click on the Serrapeptase link in the sidebar to the right and then click on the article link in the search bar near the top of the page. There is a wealth of information Good Health USA, you can subscribe to their newsletter to receive news and updates. Thank you for the good news and best wishes for your complete recovery.

    2. Amazing information. Thank you so much for your dedication to men's health. The Serra Enzyme comes in 250,000 IU. Is it safe to take this dose 3 times a day? At this dose would I see results quicker?

    3. I cannot tell you that it is safe to take Serra Enzyme 3 times a day. You would need to consult with your physician. If you are taking blood thinners or statin drugs, it might not be safe to take this large of a dose.

      I can tell you my Mother and Father are in their 80's and take Serra Enzyme three times a day each. Last year they both had strokes and my Mother had to have a pacemaker put in and also had brain surgery for the stroke damage. She also was put on blood thinners. Since taking Serra Enzyme the doctors have drastically reduced the amount of Warfarin she has been taking. We attribute that to Serrapeptase. They have both had remarkable recoveries from the strokes. They go on long walks and are able to drive and function normally. It is a huge change from last year, when we didn't know day to day if they were going to make it or not.

      My wife and I both take a daily dose of 250,000 IU just for health maintenance. Recently I went in for a physical and my blood work came out excellent for cholesterol levels. I definitely cannot attribute those low and healthy levels to my diet, which is not so great. I do not believe there is a safety issue taking this high of a dose, and studies have supported no adverse reactions to Serrapeptase, except for one case where a woman developed Pneumonia, which may or may not have been caused by Serrapeptase.

  10. Seeing as the silk worm used the enzymes to free itself from its cocoon, can I not use it directly on my scar as well as internally? I can't find any information on topical use.

  11. Serrapeptase is not effective for topical use. It has a large molecular weight. Which means the molecule is too large to penetrate the skin membrane. If it was mixed with DMSO in an attempt to carry it transdermally, it would not be effective. The DMSO would penetrate but the Serrapeptase would be left behind on the skin. That is why it is only effective in oral use, where it is transported in the blood. Remember only to take Serrapeptase on an empty stomach for maximum effectiveness.

  12. what about the new liquid form of Serrapeptase that is for sublingual use. Could that form be mixed with dmso and used for topical applications?

  13. *** PART I of II ***

    Hello, Mr. Parks:

    Thank you for this article and website. This is not always an easy topic to discuss, so your willingness to create a website about it and to help others shows great character and integrity on your part.

    Unfortunately, I'm also affected by Peyronie's Disease (PD). It began with an indentation on one side and has not progressed to a moderate upward bend at the end. When erect, of course, it's painful. I've also had some loss in length and girth. Fortunately, I had more than many to start with, so I guess it could always be worse.

    Anyway, I also have Dupuytren's Contracture (DC) that is only on one tendon/finger of one hand and it's mild and stable, thankfully. I've since read that men that have DC often develop PD, as they get older. This was the case for me. The DC is over a decade old and the PD is less than a year.

    Before the PD, I'd learned about proteolytic enzymes and began taking them for helping clean the blood and possibly helping support my cardiovascular health. While I felt no different, I still thought taking a bottle a few times a year would be worth the investment.

    About three weeks into taking the proteolytic enzymes, much to my surprise, I noticed that the Dupuytren's Contracture was much less pronounced. Both visibly and to the touch, I could tell there was an obvious regression. Upon showing my wife, she agreed. My palm was much smoother and I could bend-back the affected finger without the tight, "pulling" sensation.

    After finishing that bottle, I found a different proteolytic enzyme that was alleged to be the best/strongest available. (If I had a nickel for every manufacturer that claims that, I'd be wealthy.) So, I bought the different brand, in hopes the effect observed in my finger might eventually benefit the plaque in my penis.

    Regrettably, I noticed no benefit or difference.

    - Perhaps I should have continued using the original proteolytic enzyme
    - And/or, perhaps I should have taken the enzymes longer
    - And/or, perhaps I should have taken larger doses of the enzymes

    Of course, the only way to know is to "put it to the test."

    That's how I landed on this website. I was searching for information on any arresting/reversal of Peyronie's.

    (To be continued in Part II...)

  14. *** PART II of II ***

    I've also read that the topical application of a quality castor oil may be helpful, if done daily for at least three months. The suggestion was to apply the castor oil, wrap the penis in cotton gauze or some material that will trap heat, and leave it on for a few hours. As much as I thought I'd do that, it turned-out to be too much of a mess and inconvenience. Some folks reported varying degrees of improvement. Others paired the castor oil with the use of a sonic toothbrush (the flat side, opposite the bristles) with the idea that the sonic waves might help (along with the castor oil) to break-up the plaque. While anecdotal, some claim improvements.

    Also, I've read about the use of DMSO. Either by itself, mixed with Aloe Vera (70% DMSO / 30% Aloe Vera), mixed with Nascent Iodine (I don't recall the suggested dosing), or mixed with Allantoin (no dosing information given). If using DMSO, it's been suggested it should be pharmaceutical-grade and 99.995% pure and sold/stored in glass. NO PLASTIC, due to the nature of DMSO.

    Here are the first proteolytic enzymes I used:

    I then switched to this one:

    Here is an article on the ingredients in Zymessence and why Nattokinase is "bad":

    Castor Oil information:

    DMSO article:

    Finally, here are the two treatments I'm planning to try soon. They are not cheap, but they seem more hopeful than drugs, surgery, and the above-mentioned methods:

    (1) GAINSWave: This is high-frequency, low-intensity sound waves to repair aged blood vessels, stimulate growth of new blood vessels, remove micro-plaque, and improve blood flow.

    (2) Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy: (Also referred to as the Priapus Shot -- or, P-Shot.) It involves the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (from your own blood) and injected into the penis. It is a concentrated formula of stem-cells and growth factors.

    Often, GAINSWave and PRP are combined. From what I've found, GAINSWave treatments are about $3,000 USD for six treatments (twice weekly for three weeks). Many places I've called also offer the P-Shot (PRP Therapy) for about another $1,000 to $1,200 USD per PRP treatment.

    The downsides are:

    - They are expensive treatments
    - They are not guaranteed to work
    - If they do happen to work, they are not permanent (lasting 6-12 months, possibly longer)

    Anyway, that's it.

    Good luck to us all.