Watch for Scams in Treating Peyronies' Disease

           The next three products are listed in many Google advertisements on legitimate Peyronie's disease web-sites. They should not reflect on the website content, as Google uses keywords to place advertising.  I personally would never buy or endorse the following products. Click on the product name to see reviews on these products. Some of the products contain ingredients that are banned for human consumption in the United States.

Peyreton:  I reviewed their website and found that none of the ingredients were known to be beneficial in treating Peyronie's disease.  They have an extensive line of products to treat many different diseases.  The strange thing is, that the same ingredients had different product names, for different ailments.  The same story is repeated in their product line, except they change the name of the product to suit the disease it is treating.
Noprical:  Yep, same lame ingredients for so many diseases. Funny how the name Noprical sounds so similar to the legitimate Peyronie's treatment product, Neprinol. I would guess that it is intentional. Another odd thing - Testimonial by Amber - there are very few Amber's with a Penis.
Peyrenofax:  Lump this one in with Peyreton and Noprical, same story, just not quite as original.  Funny, how I found a website featuring Peyronie's cures listing all three of these products as the top 3 cures.  The site updates quite often and changes the names of their Peyronie's products.  Don't waste your valuable treatment time and money on scams!!

I'm sure there are probably other sites taking advantage of hurting people.  If it sounds too good to be true, then it is.  These products all state that you will be cured in a very short time, and if you are not, then you probably were misdiagnosed.    I requested copies of their stated clinical test results, my requests were ignored.  It led me to believe there never were any clinical tests done.  I will continue to believe that until I hear otherwise.  One of the problems with these products are that the ingredients do not have any enzymes or amino acids that can dissolve the scar tissue in the Peyronie's plaque.

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  1. Hi
    Do you have any experience with this site?

    1. This company is a legitimate company that sells enzyme blends of Serrapeptase. They are reputable and I did look into their products while looking for a product to treat myself. The only reason I did not purchase from them was the cost compared to Dr. Best brand was more. They are a good and reputable company and make a quality product as far as I know. I have not actually used their brand of Serrapeptase.