Weight Loss and Dessert

They don't call it Devil's Food Cake for nothing.  I delicious slice of chocolate cake has over 300 calories, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and it becomes 640 calories - that's a big meal.  But these are empty calories with very little nutritional value. Lots of sugar and saturated fat.  Devil's food cake is very aptly named.

Next time you want to bake a cake, why not make it a whole grain banana nut bread.  Add flaxseed and crushed nuts for a healthy treat.  It is good for you and helps beat down that craving for sweets.

Candy Vs. Dried Fruit . . . I know it's not the same but before you reject this advice listen to reason.  Candy contains no fiber, it's loaded with refined sugars and saturated fats.  It contains no vitamins or minerals.  Candy has been linked to obesity and diabetes.  Dried Fruit is starting to sound pretty good after all.  It is still sweet, but it contains natural sugars, and is full of fiber and important minerals.  It is a much better way to appease that sweet tooth.  If you have to eat candy, make it organic dark chocolate . . . buy milk free chocolate that is high in cocoa content.  It contains heart healthy flavonoids.
Sugary Cereal Vs. Steel Cut Oats . . . Don't even go there, you might be saying about now, but let me tell you some great stuff about Oats . . . they stabilize blood sugar, reduce Heart disease and lower cholesterol, add some Blue berries or dried cranberries for some additional anti-oxidant protection and it's really hard to beat Oatmeal as a breakfast . . . Bet you can't say that about your Magically Delicious Cereal. 

Soda Vs. Mineral Water with Lime or Lemon . . . Most sodas are 100% nutrition free.  That means there is no nutritional benefit whatsoever.  Soda promotes tooth decay, obesity, heart disease and diabetes.  I'm thinking that Mineral Water with a nice slice of Lemon really sound good right now.  Refreshing, with no sugar or calories.

These are just a few ideas for desserts - be creative and treat yourself to a healthy dessert. Your waist line will thank you.

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