Botox for Peyronies Disease

Baylor College of Medicine is collaborating with Allergan in a study that is currently recruiting patient to test:

H-22411: BOTOX® for Peyronie's Disease

There are 2 phases of the disease: the active phase and the inactive phase. The active phase usually occurs during the first 12 months of the disease. The stabilization of the plaque is known as the inactive phase. We are inviting men with stable disease to take part in this study which will test BOTOX® versus a placebo (a placebo contains no medicine).  Click here to go to the study site


  1. I,m a family physician in Canada who have a lot of patient whit peyronie
    disease. My self have that problem. I'll wil be very interestest to participate to a study like that. I' try myself a lot of treatment for this problem and I'm practicing vasectomy since 18 year.
    If it is possible to inter in the study as a md practicing the study write me ad
    My name is Dr Marc Gaudreault MD LMCC

    1. Dear Dr. Gaudreault,
      This post is for information about the study. You would need to conduct the study group at:
      This study is by invitation so please contact the study group. Use the link provided in this reply or click on the link in the article above.
      Thank you - John Parks
      P.S. sorry about the poor interpretation of your comment from French to English, that is just how Google works sometimes.