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Stem Cells and Peyronies Disease

Penis reconstruction surgery in the future will benefit from stem cells.  Thanks to Dr. Wayne Hellstrom, who is a urological surgeon at Tulane University in New Orleans.  Dr. Hellstrom wanted to offer a surgical penis graft with fewer side effects, so colleagues in California and China teamed up with him to develop a better graft.

They took a pig intestine graft and seeded it with adult stem cells that came from fat tissue in rats.  Their test subjects, rats do not develop Peyronie's disease, so they made incisions to induce scarring in the rodent penises.  Patients with severe and stable Peyronie's disease have to undergo scar tissue excision and graft surgery, which is what they performed on the rats.

Stem Cell
Eight rats received the stem cell graft surgery, eight other rats received graft only surgery.  A third group received surgery that didn't involve a graft and the control group received no surgery.

Researchers examined the rats penises, eight weeks after the surgery.  The rats with the stem cell grafts had less scarring and better erectile responses than those with graft only group.  Their penis rigidity, blood flow and response time were comparable to the control group that had not received any surgery or alteration.

The next step for Dr. Hellstrom and his research group is to test the method on primates and eventually with people.  "Peyronie's affects 3% to 9% of adult males and causes a lot of psychological distress.  If we can improve what we have now, it seems like the logical thing to do." 

Pornography and Young People

Front cover of Teen-Age Romances #23
It is difficult and uncomfortable to discuss some things with your teen age kids.  Sex is one of them, and the subject of Pornography, has social taboos that make it difficult to bring up.  There is a project called the Reality and Risk Project, which is led by Maree Crabe and David Corlett.  They have interviewed academics, porn industry insiders, young people and a range of professionals in Australia, Budapest and the USA.  Some of their findings are shocking and could spare your own children a lot of heartache and pain in life if you would discuss this issue with them.  Teens today face temptations that were not available to Baby Boomers, and you should know what they are facing.

Young people are being exposed to porn at unprecedented levels.  The aggressive and hard core nature of much of the new material, communicates  the acceptance of practices that are degrading and painful to women and elevate male brutality.  The study showed that young men are surprised that what they are mimicking from porn is not what women like or want.

, member of the United States House of Represe...Image via WikipediaAnthony Weiner gave the sexting phenomenon notoriety by being caught in the act of sending women pictures of his genitals.  In retrospect he said;

"If you're looking for some kind of deep explanation, I simply don't have one, This was just me doing a dumb thing, doing it repeatedly and then lying about it."

Once a teen only phenomenon, it had now spread to the adult population.  Bethany Marshall, a marriage and family therapist in Beverly Hills, Calif. offered this comment;

"They want reassurance, they want the sexual stimulation, they want to think of themselves as sexually desirable." 

Even MTV has issued warning to teens that sexting can take on a life of its own.  How did teens ever think this would be OK? 

Sexual feelings are a normal part of human development.  Sexuality among teens is a topic of intrigue and fascination.  Pornography has had a very serious negative impact upon contemporary culture and our young people.  You can see its influence in music videos, advertising, and fashion.  It has pushed into the American mainstream.

If you haven't talked with your teen about this issue, you should.  Preparing in advance is critical.  To read the Reality and Risk project paper - Click Here

Pass on your own morals and values, and let your kids hear from you what is important.  Your family is worth fighting for.  Don't let pornography dictate your children's choices in life.

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