I'm Back

Sorry about my long absence,

I moved to the Idaho panhandle in Mid August and did not have internet access for quite a while, due to my remote location and construction project.  We really needed a roof over our heads, before the snows hit.

I'm finally back and am working on answering your questions and comments.   Between hanging sheetrock and plowing snow.  Some of the comments cannot be published as they contain too much personal information, or inappropriate content.  

Here is my policy for publishing comments:

No explicit sexual content:  Please don't describe things that would embarrass readers.  Details of an accident or general sexual info. is OK, but keep it no more than R rated. 

No personally identifiable content:  Use anonymous or your first name when leaving comments.  I don't want readers to know who you are.  If you have questions that would compromise your identity, you can ask them in an email to me.  menssexualhealth@hotmail.com
I will try and reply as soon as I'm able.

No Minors:  The content on this site is for adults and it is an adult related problem for the most part.  If you are under 18 years old and have questions, talk to your parents or personal physician.  This is not the forum, and it would be unethical for me to discuss such a personal problem with you.

No Profanity:  I sometimes receive comments with profanity, I do not edit any comment, so misspelled words and poor grammar are printed, but I do not print comments with profanity spelled out.  It's not necessary anyway.  

No Spammers:  Readers want to read real questions, and most men with these medical conditions want content they can identify with.  Please don't post comments that are just promoting your website.  Keep it relevant it's OK to put your website address in the comment, but I won't post irrelevant questions.

OK! Whew! the harsh part is out of the way. 

I've written an e-book with loads of info.  It isn't quite ready to go out yet, but if you need the info. now - I know, Peyronie's is a desperate condition and you want to know what to do now, Email me:
and ask for a free copy, I'll send it in an email as an attachment.  

You can download it or print it and use the info now.  It is still in the editing process and I found a couple things that need to be added, but it is available in it's almost complete form now.  Feel free to share it with your doctor and get his input.  My doctor has shared the book with patients as an alternative approach to surgery.  I'm sure all doctors will not be as open minded, but I'm not a doctor and your own doctor should know what you are doing to treat your condition.

Thanks everybody for your input and it's good to be back.