Auxilium Pharmaceuticals and Xiaflex

    A new medication for Peyronie's is close to being approved and available.  Xiaflex is already approved for treating Duypentren's Contracture and will soon be approved for Peyronie's.  Phase III results are very promising.

    Xiaflex is administered by local injection (ouch!) with a small needle.  But, you know what they say,  "No Pain, No Gain!"  

     There are those that think this a hard sell, but you men out there, that are suffering with this condition, know it is much worse to avoid sex, suffer the embarrassment and lowered self esteem that accompany Peyronie's.

     Check out the links in the article above and be pro-active in your treatment.  I would definitely have added this to my treatment program if I was going through this today. If my medical insurance covered it.

Here is one more link to check out:

Best Wishes for Your Successful Treatment - John Parks


Lost Emails

During the Construction and Move, my computer was moved and shut down for a few days.  I later realized that I lost a lot of emails during April.  If you contacted me during April and did not get a response.  Your email was probably lost.  I apologize for this and hope you will re-contact me with your questions or requests.

A few emails I read previously, were no longer there when I turned the computer back on, and me being an internet caveman, I never could figure out how to recover them.   Please accept my apology, it is important to me to hear from you and I always try to promptly reply.   Thanks - John