Alzheimers/Dementia Information and Treatment Updates

As we get older, all of us are affected by a family member or friend that develops Cognitive Impairment.  The most common term we hear is Alzheimer's or Dementia.  Age related Dementia is a fear that dwells in the back of our minds somewhere.  We all try to keep it in the shadows, but it can rear its' ugly head every time you set down that screwdriver or pencil and then can't remember where you put it.

That actually happens to everybody, even kids.  When a family member though, is struck with Alzheimer's, it hits home.  Alzheimer's is described by family members as, "The Living Death!"  It is heartbreaking to watch loved ones lose everything in their mind, the things that makes them who they are, and the people that we Love.  They just slowly disappear, and it devastates family and friends.

I'm working on a newer section of the site in the pages/tab bar labeled; 
Index for Medical Conditions 

When I receive or find valuable information about medical conditions that affect us as we age, I will build new pages and add them to the index.  Recently Alzheimer's has been a real hot button in our family's life.  My wife is caring for her Mother, and it is really just overwhelming.  It is all consuming and very frustrating to care for someone that remembers most of the past, but can't remember a conversation that happened 15 minutes ago.  Every day is like the movie, "Groundhog Day.

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There is an amazing video posted near the end of the article that was produced by the 700 Club.  It received 5 million online views the first month it came out.

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