Xiaflex and Doctors

Some of the big questions that come up often about Xiaflex are, "Who should I contact about Xiaflex?" and "What doctors have experience with administering it?"

I suggest you contact Auxilium Pharmaceutical Inc, the manufacturer of Xiaflex and the sponsor of its recent clinical investigations.  For more information,  call the Auxilium Drug Information Center at 1-877-663-0412.

They should be able to refer you to a urologist in your area who participated in the clinical trials and is experienced in its use.  The clinical trials took place at 54  sites in the United States and 10 sites in Australia.

December is when Xiaflex is scheduled to be released.  There was a 3 month delay announced last month by the FDA.  

If you are wondering how severe your Peyronie's disease is there is a questionaire you can fill out at:

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