DMSO Common Questions Answered

When I began treatment using DMSO, I purchased a jar of DMSO/Aloe Vera on  There have been a lot of emails and comments since then on what is the best brand, the odor, and safety issues.  I would like to answer these questions here in a blog entry, so I do not have to continually answer the same questions in private emails.

Let's start with a recent email I received. The writer purchased DMSO from Dr. Jacob's at Jacob's laboratories.  He did not have any of the characteristic odor that is associated with DMSO.  

Another email I received from a wife, thanked me for the information at this site, but said her husband stunk like a wet dog, and was there anything they could do about it. 

One more email:  "My granddaughter was sitting on my lap and told me I was stinky"

1.) O.K. let's talk about the odor problem. 
The biggest problem encountered with the use of DMSO is the odor that many people close to the patient complain about after it's application.  Different people have different levels of severity.  It may depend on their body chemistry and what kind of foods they eat. 

It was found that when children in Chile were given DMSO their body and breath odor was less objectionable, probably due to the raw milk in their diet.
If the patient eats cheese, ice cream, milk or other dairy products beforehand, it seems to modify the effect of the odor, somewhat.

Congressman Robert Duncan/Oregon told the House Select Committee on Aging, with using DMSO:

Robert B. Duncan.jpg
Rep. Robert Duncan  (1920-2011)
"With respect to my own use of it, the most serious side effect is a threatened divorce by my wife, because she doesn't like the odor.  Dr. Jacob has removed some of the odor and he has masked it in another preparation by a wintergreen flavor.

I asked my wife if she didn't mind the wintergreen flavor, and if it had removed her objections.  She said,  "No. Instead of smelling like the tidal flats at Bayonne, New Jersey, when the tide is out;  You now smell like the locker room of the Green Bay Packers."

But the odor is infinitesimal compared with the relief."

The characteristic odor that escapes is caused when DMSO comes in contact with the water content of the body.  So in conclusion about the odor problem, it is going to be different with each person, but the benefits far outweigh the odor problem.  DMSO emanates from the skin pores from 24-48 hours.  It isn't completely clear of the body for about 7 days.  If you wish to express sexual intimacy without the odor, you will need to take off some time of DMSO usage from time to time, before resuming treatment.

2.) What Brand Do You Recommend?

The brand I used is iffy now, after doing more reading and research.  I would only recommend a brand that is pharmaceutical  grade.  The problem with purchasing just any brand or a veterinarian brand is the danger of contamination.  Some sellers purchase DMSO and repackage it.  In this case it is not always possible to know if the product is completely safe.  I would not purchase any brand that is not listed as pharmaceutical grade and over 99.9% pure.  Some brands have a description on Amazon that states: 
  • Product Description
  • ... non-synthesized product. This is not medical (pharmaceutical) grade DMSO ... 
Only purchase medical (pharmaceutical) grade DMSO.  Jacobs labs are a trustworthy brand, and this is what they state on their website: 
We are your source for MSM and DMSO. Our products are processed according to the formulas and standards developed by Dr. Stanley W. Jacob, the father of MSM and DMSO. All of our products are developed from 25 years of research. They do not contain any additives, and are processed at our own facility to ensure the highest quality attainable.

Another brand I read about on states this: 

DMSO Low Odor Pharma Grade            
70/30 Distilled Water 8oz
Low Odor
Highest Grade Available DMSO Low Odor 99.995% Pharma Grade makes up 70% of Bottle, 30% Distilled Water
I like the low odor part of the description and think it would definitely be worth trying.

3.)  How safe is DMSO?
 Scientists have studied DMSO with 8 species of mammals, including humans, as well as fish and birds, with almost universal agreement to its' low toxicity.   There have been none or few signs of any noxious responses to DMSO when administered over periods of weeks, months and years.  Even when mild side effects are present, people say they are worth the improvement that DMSO brings.

DMSO dissolves many materials and can be absorbed through the skin.  Combinations of DMSO and many substances have been studied.  Many of these substances were unchanged and DMSO enhances their therapeutic effectiveness. 

In humans DMSO's concentration on the skin can produce some reddening, but the effect is usually no longer noticeable after repeated applications.  Some patients reported skin roughness, mild itching, dermatitis, and blistering.  None of these are toxic reactions, but only side effects.  It is probably caused by dehydration of the skin. 

DMSO shows no cancer-causing activity and it does not promote allergic tendencies.  Common allergies are not increased with its' use.

Most DMSO is excreted in the urine, while a small amount is excreted as dimethyl sulfide through skin and in the breath.  Thus the common complaint of bad breath and odor.  Dimethyl sulfide is also found naturally in tea, coffee, asparagus, tomatoes, cooked corn, milk and clams.

Make sure the skin is clean, dry and unbroken for topical use.  Make sure heavy metals or insecticides have not been allowed to dry on, or coat the skin.  DMSO's transdermal qualities could carry these toxic agents through the skin into the tissue below.

4.)  Why mix DMSO with Aloe? 
 Aloe Vera is a transparent gel that comes from the cactus like leaf of the aloe plant.  It should be used with each application of DMSO to prevent skin irritation.  Aloe Vera is also known for it's healing properties on burns, which are not unlike the scar/plaque found in association with Peyronie's.  Dr. Morton Walker recommends using Aloe Vera with DMSO in any topical application.

 5.) What Kind of SSKI/Iodine Should I Use with DMSO?   

This has been an area of confusion and contention.  I had to read 2 books on Iodine to finally come to a conclusion about what would be the most effective source of Iodine.   "Iodine, why you need it" by David Brownstein, M.D. and the 2nd book, "The Iodine Crisis" by Lynn Farrow, are the 2 books I read.  

 They both recommend using Lugol's solution, because the mix of Iodine and Potassium Iodide (SSKI) provide the most effective blend.  Two drops of Lugol's solution contain 5 mg. of Iodine and 7.5 m.g. of Iodide.  Dr. Lugol found that potassium iodide added to water increased the solubility of iodine in water.

6.) How Long Does DMSO take to Heal Peyronie's?

DMSO is not guaranteed to heal Peyronie's, but it is a potent alternative to taking injections or surgery.  Dr. Morton Walker in his book on DMSO suggests using 50% solution on areas of skin that are tender and vulnerable to irritation.  This is what Dr. Morton says about Peyronie's:  

"For some rare conditions such as Scleroderma or Peyronie's disease (where plaque or strands of dense fibrous tissue encircle the penis, causing deformity and painful erection) the treatment periods are more than a year.  How often you administer DMSO solution depends on the judgement of your doctor and the particular clinical problem."

I believe adding Aloe Vera and Iodine/SSKI to the treatment protocol will hasten remediation and healing, so combined with the other treatment protocols in my plan, you will have a much better chance of improvement and straightening of the penis, than using just one treatment protocol alone.

To learn more about DMSO, read Dr. Morton Walker's book; DMSO Nature's Healer or go online to Dr. Jacob's DMSO institute:


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