New Xiaflex Video

My wife and I are in the new Xiaflex public awareness video about Peyronie's.  I hope it raises awareness and men become pro-active in their treatment.  You have to wait for a 10 second countdown then click on the button; Watch Video.

I did not participate in the Xiaflex clinical trials, but was filmed to give support for Peyronie's patients.  They had a hard time finding men to go on camera.  It is an embarrassing problem for most guys.  I got over that a long time ago, when I went on youtube and talked about this.


  1. Hey John! I just watched the video; it's true--you never quite realize how much of "you" is subconsciously wrapped up in the Little Guy, and there's a whole "WTF is happening to me?" period when you first experience it. I'm a Peyronie's patient and am considering getting the Xiaflex injections myself. My doctor wants to wait and watch for right now, but if there's no improvement in the next year or so I think I'll take the plunge.

  2. Understand that you did not participate in the clinical trial - but have you received a xiaflex injection at any point?