Heat Treatment for Peyronie's

Lately I have been receiving quite a few questions in emails about heat treatment for Peyronie's.  It is time to explore it's effectiveness and how to safely do it.

First off, we all know how tender and sensitive the penis is, and heat treatment must be done carefully, to avoid burns or injury.  Heat does lower sperm count temporarily and never apply anything over over 111 degrees Fahrenheit or 44 degrees Celsius, over extended periods of time, to avoid scalding.  

Next let's look at the results of heat treatment.  A small pilot study was performed, using a specially designed Andro-thermic heating device.

Heat was applied for 20 minutes, twice a week for 5 weeks.  A second cycle was done after 1 month of 10 treatments.  The control group, for comparison received Verapamil injections and no heat treatment.

The Heat treatment group saw a 55.9% reduction in curvature, compared to 3.8% in the Verapamil group.  Plaque reduction was similar in percentage value.  The photos shown in the report are something you should see.  The extreme curvature reduction is impressive.  Click on the link below to view the report.  Scroll down to page 8, if you just want to see the photographic results.

 The method I used when treating myself, was to put my hand in running hot water to test the temperature.  It was probably between 105 - 108 degrees.  You have to use common sense and good judgement to avoid burning your self.  I then ran the water on a hand towel and wrapped it around my penis.  I had to warm up the hand towel 2 - 3 times to achieve about 10 minutes of heat treatment.  You could use a hot water bottle, or small hand warmer with a moist hot cloth around it, to avoid having to re-heat the cloth, to achieve a sustained 10 minute time.

My method was simple and not very scientific, but my wife and I were very happy with the final results.  

An earlier study found that heat applied to collagen caused the collagen cells to become 'floppy.' The researcher used this term, for lack of a more scientific word.  I would apply the DMSO/SSKI topical compound immediately after the heat treatment session.  My idea was to attack the plaque, while it was in a 'vulnerable/floppy' state.  Heat increases circulation locally and softens the collagen in the plaque.  My reasoning was to use multiple protocols to destroy this enemy.

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