After the Warranty Expires - What's Next?

After the warranty expires - what's next!

           Wow, looks like the warranty on my body expired not too long after my 60th birthday. This is the first time in my life that I couldn't just go out and do whatever I wanted. Having Peyronie's was tough, but I could still lift heavy things. I was not stopped from working physically hard, whenever I needed to. In the past, if my back bothered me, it recovered quickly. I felt pretty much immortal most of the time. "Time Outs" were short, but this has been three months on time out, with no end in sight. 
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      We all need to realize that we weren't born wearing underwear over our tights, and a cape. You and I are not really Super Heroes after all. If you don't keep your chin up, you will always be looking at the ground.  

So, maybe by now you realize there is no warranty in life

Making the best of every day will increase the quality and fullness of your life. 
       There is a time when we all need to look inward and examine what is important in life. Looking inward allows a guy to see his flaws and reflect on them. Looking inward helps a guy make a plan to change the things we are able to change. The best part of being human is our ability to change. We are not that primate swinging in the trees, who is unable to reason and do the things that make life truly excellent and worthwhile. We are much more than that, despite what your science teacher may have taught you in school.

       We need to do more than look inward. We need to look outward.  Look at your self in the mirror. You are responsible for your thoughts and actions. That guy you see in the mirror is the one that ultimately must take responsibility for how you will live. We all have to make those hard, gritty decisions in the tough times.  

       Will I curl up in a ball and give up? No!! I am going to get through this. I will fight my way forward, no matter what.

        Will I get another blood clot and die? I don't know or have any control over that. The best thing to do is spend every day like it may be my last, but also spend every day like I will live to be 120. That's when I plan to hop on the back of a Buffalo and ride off over the horizon. I might even do it naked!

       Today is my birthday (61 years young). My gorgeous wife bought me a pair of really nice Italian hiking boots. They are absolutely beautiful and they even have red laces, awesome!  I didn't open them and say, "Why did you get me these, I can barely walk right now!"  No, it's exciting to put them on and walk around the house. Soon, I will be wearing them and hiking in the Rocky Mountains.  Always have a goal and press toward that higher calling.

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