Coping with Deep Vein Thrombosis/Blood Clots part 2

I'm kind of freaking out and a little angry about having a blood clot in my leg.  "Why Me?" keeps going through my head.  I don't like having a pity party, so I'm trying to figure out what is the best way to cope and move on.

I was at my cousin's funeral Saturday and had to sit for 2 hours, then went to a lunch reception.  My calf swelled up from 15 1/2" diameter to 17 " diameter. It is scary and is affecting my life too much.  Afterward, I was visiting with my younger cousin Susan, and she told me she now had been afflicted with 3 blood clots and was on Blood Thinners for life. Yikes! 
Susan told me that your body has memory and is more prone to blood clots after you have one, her first one was caused by birth control pills.

At least I'm able to walk and drive some now.  My wife had foot surgery 3 weeks ago and I was in bed with my leg up.  We felt like Willy Wonka's grandparents. Neither of us were ambulatory. I am very thankful that the blood clot has remained in my leg and not broken off. Pulmonary embolism, stroke, and heart attacks are often fatal or debilitating.

My brother flew to Denmark yesterday and I made sure he is wearing pressure stockings for the flight. He is turning 60 this month and is going on a 200 mile pilgrimage hike through Portugal and Spain. I joked with him about pushing me in a wheel chair, but it really wasn't funny. DVT is nothing to joke about.

I went to CVS and bought these anti-embolism stockings.  They were $39.95 for a pair, I needed them right now, so I couldn't wait for shipping. is less than half that price.  Measure your calf to get the diameter before purchasing, so you know what size to buy. It has gone down 1/2" in 2 days since Saturday.

I also purchased a knee walker/scooter, it is much better than a wheelchair for mobility.  I hate trying to get around in a wheelchair.  Bumping doors and door jambs, having to have pathways everywhere to roll around.  In public it is a real pain trying to get to the ramp and just feeling so cumbersome and awkward. I didn't want to pay $400 for something we were only going to use temporarily so I bought this one for $135 including shipping.  It sells for $128.95 at and has free shipping for Amazon Prime members. The only assembly was installing the seat and handlebars.  It took longer to open the box, than it took to put to put the scooter together.  

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