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What is Penis Enlargement/Male Enhancement doing at a website about Peyronie's Disease?  Well, the answer is found in the next paragraph, so keep reading...

How Traction Devices Work

       The primary purpose of this website in using a Traction Device, is in the treatment of Peyronie's disease.  The pleasant side effect of using these devices is a longer and thicker penis.  In Torino, Italy a clinical study using the  traction devices for Peyronie's patients showed a marked improvement in curvature for men with disease in the acute stage (less than 18 months).  The stable disease patients (those with longer term disease progression) received less curvature improvement, but all of the patients were stated as being happy with the results, due to an increase in their penis length.

       Traction Devices were invented to treat a condition called Micro-Penis, where the erect penis is around 1" in length, they were proven to be remarkably successful.  Traction Devices work by securely holding the penis with a strap, tube or ring that is attached to arms that provide tension to straighten and stretch the penis. Click here to read complete article

Excellent Traction Devices are Listed Below, Check out their websites to see which one will work best for you:

Size Genetics Traction Device

 Size Genetics  is a well known leader in the Penis enlargement field.  They build a high quality traction device with three different packages available.

The packages are:

1.) Basic Device and Instructional DVD.  This unit sell for .............. $199.95

2.) Basic Device, Comfort System, Leather Case, and Instructional DVD.  This system sells for ...............  $349.95

3.)Ultimate System (This system has everything you could imagine and is the Rolls Royce of Enlargement systems.  To sell all that is included you have to check it out at their website. This system sells for .... $398.95

Click on the link below to go to their website   (Caution, make sure your sound is down if you are in a public area.  I had a guy email me from the UK, and he said it was bloody embarrassing)    At checkout make sure and enter for discount code econ8 for a $50 discount.  The basic unit is excluded from this offer.

Permenda LTD

The Male Edge traction device is made by the same company that builds the legendary Jes Extender.  The Male edge is a light weight and much more colorful device that has been completely re-designed with double traction arms.  The Male Edge is also available in three different packages:

1.) The Basic package comes with the Device in Blue and White and Strap, included is the instructional dvd and a ruler, it also comes with online 24 hour access to your individual training program.  The cost is ...............  $179.00

2.) The Extra package has a Green and Black device, everything included in the Basic package is here, with the addition of an extra strap, foam comfort collar and a travel bag. The Extra package is their best seller, and the cost is ......................  $199.00

3.) The Pro package includes the full range of BASIC and EXTRA accessories, with the addition of four rubber straps, two replacement pads and cohesive gauze. Stylish in red and black and presented in an elegant red gift box.  The cost is ................... $219.00
To check out all of the benefits of a Male Edge Traction Device click on the website link below:

The Jes-Extender is one of the most recognized brand names in the industry offering an option for every budget from low to super-premium.   They come in packages from $239.00 with a one year warranty, the next step up is $269.00 and has a two year warranty.  

From there the sky is the limit, their top of the line device is certified coated in Platinum and sells for $1,399.00  for the man who demands the very best available.  All of the brands sell accessories and repair items, but Jes Extender's accessory page under their Shop button, blows away all of their competitors.
Since 1995 Jes Extender has helped more than 250,000 men around the world.  Check out their double money back guarantee and website at:

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Traction Device Comparisons

   Read this article to learn about the features of different brands.  Check out their websites and make an informed decision when purchasing a Penis Traction Device.  Before you buy a cheaply made device, this article is a must read, to keep you from wasting your hard earned money.  

The entertaining video below by journalist Andrew Coyne is a humorous program about Penis enlargement and male insecurity, with a Big surprise ending.



2001 Penis Size Survey Chart

Traction device use increases length and girth
Permenda LTD