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The Despair of Peyronie's Disease

My Personal Story

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My bout with Peyronie's disease came on rather gradually. We were on a family vacation in Kauai, when it could no longer be ignored. I could not understand what was going on with my penis. It had been developing a curve prior to the vacation, but all of sudden erections had became painful and my penis was just going crazy. I thought it was going to curl up like a pigs' tail. My wife and I did not know how to cope with this new development.  Click Here to Read More:

Peyronie's disease is shrouded in mystery. This insidious condition is afflicting men mainly in the United States and Europe. It is growing into an epidemic that is veiled in secrecy. I am writing this book to share the battle plan that I developed to win the war on my Peyronie's disease. I will start off with an overview of the causes of this devastating condition.  Click Here to Read More:

My battle plan can be broken down into three phases. It involves three distinct and different modes of action that are designed to conquer and destroy this terrible enemy.
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Traction Device  Battle Plan Phase I

This article answers many of the common questions about using and purchasing a Traction device.  Are they Medically approved?  Should I buy a cheap one vs. an expensive one?  Why  should I use a traction device instead of a vacuum pump?

Traction devices work by securely holding the penis, while the supporting arms provide tension to straighten and stretch the penis.

Different Brands and Models of Traction Devices are compared in this article to give you the information needed to make an informed purchasing decision.

Phase II is the Special Forces part of your battle to eliminate Peyronie's Disease.  This battle consists of four supplements -
  1.  The first one is described as the "Miracle Enzyme," by Dr. Hans Neiper, a legendary medical doctor that was know for his use of proteolytic enzymes. 
  2. The second enzyme was discovered by a Japanese doctor, Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi.  This food derived enzyme is unmatched for its circulation enhancing effects and its' ability to dissolve fibrin in the blood stream.
  3. This amino acid is sometimes referred to as natural Prozac.  It has been clinically tested for Peyronie's disease and was shown to reduce penile curvature, reduce pain and slowed disease progression.
  4. This oil provides cardiovascular support and increases your good cholesterol levels.
This article describes the supplements, and how they work to attack the scar in your penis.  Instruction and Dose Information are also included.  
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Serrapeptase in Ph. II

     Serrapeptase is the miracle enzyme found in the digestive tract of the Japanese silkworm.  The photo at right shows a silkworm hatching from it's cocoon.  The Serrapeptase enzyme in its' saliva,  is literally dissolving a hole in minutes, for the moth to hatch and emerge.

     The brand of Serrapeptase that I recommend is Robert Redfern's Serra Enzyme.  His products are a great value based on the price vs. active Serrapeptase units, and capsules are a delayed release product that is phthalate free.

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Nattokinase in Phase II

Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi  researched with Natto, searching for a natural agent that would successfully dissolve thrombus (fibrin) that is associated with cardiac and cerebral infarction. He found that Natto was a potent enzyme for this purpose. Dr. Sumi named the newly discovered enyzme "Nattokinase", which means enzyme in Natto.

           Nattokinase helps the body maintain healthy circulation.   It has been a traditional Japanese folk remedy that has been valued as a food for over 1000 years.  Natto is a fermented soy food that contains important enzymes.  Nattokinase is unmatched by any other food derived enzyme for its' circulation-enhancing effects.  
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Note: Serrapeptase and Nattokinase should be taken without food between meals, or one hour before eating.  This is important, because the enzyme needs to activate in the lower intestine, so it can be absorbed into the blood stream, where it will perform its primary function.  If it is taken with food, it will absorb the protein in the food and be passed through as waste.
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Acetyl-L-Carnitine in Phase II

            Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an amino acid the body uses to turn fat into energy.  This amino acid is sometimes referred to as natural Prozac, the emotional boost it gives is definitely noticeable.  It can be taken with or without food and is very safe and well

       Acetyl-L-Carnitine and the drug Tamoxifen were compared in a 3 month double blind study on 48 men with Peyronie's disease, in Torino, Italy.  Acetyl-L-Carnitine (at a dose of 1g. daily) reduced penile curvature, while Tamoxifen did not.  In addition the supplement reduced pain and slowed disease progression.  The other benefit of Acetyl-L-Carnitine over Tamoxifen was a lack of side effects.

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Omega-3 Fish Oil in Phase II
Antarctic krill Euphausia superba.Image via Wikipedia

           I started my program taking Vitamin E gel caps, but my physician recommended switching to Omega-3 Fish Oil.  He stated there was a danger of over-thinning my blood with Large doses and possible toxicity build up with Vitamin E, since I was taking quite a few gel caps at first.  Omega-3 fish oil provides cardiovascular support and raises your good cholesterol levels. 

I tried out several brands before settling on Doctors Best Real Krill Oil.  Real Krill is a 100 percent authentic dietary supplement, a lipid nutrient complex sustainably harvested from Antarctic Krill.
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What would I do if I was diagnosed with Peyronie's Disease Today?

There are a lot of changes happening recently in the treatment of Peyronie's disease.  A big new development in pharmaceutical treatment protocols is about to be approved with Auxilium Pharmaceuticals new drug, Xiaflex. (pronounced Zi-a-flex)  Click Here to Read More

           The next three products are listed in many Google advertisements on legitimate Peyronie's disease web-sites. They should not reflect on the website content, as Google uses keywords to place advertising.  I personally would never buy or endorse the following products. Click on the product name to see reviews on these products. Some of the products may contain ingredients that are banned for human consumption in the United States.


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          The ground troops take the fight to the
enemy on our 3rd offensive attack.  You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on a compounding pharmacist.  This topical gel consists of three ingredients, that you simply mix and massage directly on your penis.

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Surgical Correction:

           The sad part about any battle or war, is sometimes Victory is not an option.  The treatment program that I have developed, has a much better chance of being successful if it is started in the acute stages of Peyronie's disease.  The plaque becomes more solid as the disease progresses and at some point becomes stable.  I would still try these methods, before submitting to surgery, but the sad truth is, sometimes it is too late.  If this is the case, then you should discuss surgical alternatives with your doctor.  Click here to read and view the complete article.

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Dealing with Peyronie's is stressful and difficult, not just for the man who is afflicted with this condition, but also for his partner, as well. I was suffering from depression, and was pretty much inconsolable for a while. It is one of those things that you just do not know if it is ever going to get better.
I was impacted very negatively by decreased self-esteem and a complete lack of sexual confidence. While this was going on with me, my wife was having to deal with my physical deformity in a very important area of our relationship. Sex was very uncomfortable and painful for both of us. Through it all she was very supportive, but obviously concerned, and I know she was a little grossed out by the strange appearance of my penis.

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